48 Replies to “(Bad) Horse Falls & Fails | 2018 | Equi Rider”

  1. I hate it when they don't let go of the freakin' reins after a fall. This causes so much more pain to your horse.

  2. Tell you what there are some bloody good riders in this video. Horses have a great nack of making you look shit. God knows I’ve had some disasters when I competed with the BSJA.

  3. I recently went to Keysoe Festival Of Eventing to watch my cousin compete and there was one unlucky rider in the showjumping section that trampled on by their pony after it refused to jump a double

  4. 1:41 C'est ce qui s'appelle sauter sans le cheval et ça fais très mal (entorse du poignet a cause de ça)

  5. Once , my sister fell of a horse in the middle of a jump and one of the hooves went directly on my sister s wrist , which broke it… I m not scared of horses till that day , but my sister certainly did stop horse riding that day, ( wasn t entirely her fault since it really broke her wrist ) there are times when you can t ride back :/ ( she don t hate horses tho , she still loves them )

  6. What I find funny is that these are all mostly English riding horses. Still, I’ve fallen off plenty and gotten back on. That’s the trick to be a good rider. You don’t get back on then you never will

  7. Whoever is thinking oh I'm scared of horses now don't be some horses get scared and it happens but just have trust in your horse you'll feel it when you have your own as I have 14

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