44 Replies to “Bad horse riding falls! no.2”

  1. The first girl should have not laid there on the ground forever laugh with her friend while her horse just runs away. She should have gotten off the ground and gone to collect and calm down her horse, then if she wants to laugh and joke all she wants she can, but first do what's important, like not letting your horse freak and run away.

  2. 1:17 And this is why everyone is supposed to stop and dismount after someone falls off. Also, I wouldn't recommend sitting on the ground while fresh horses are galloping around if you can help it.

  3. its fine that you fall you just don't want the horse to treble on you cause that causes the most damage.

  4. for the 1:39 that looks like an lesson to me then where the hell is the instructor they should of gotten the 1st horse that got the girl off and put the horse under control so the second and third horse didn't start bucking. 

  5. 2:02 Meid, waar heb je teugels voor? En waarom zo'n groot meisje op zo'n kleine pony? Ten eerste is dat gewoon niet mooi, en ten tweede gaat het sturen zo minder makkelijk?!

  6. She is not hurting that pony. Ponies are incredibly strong. Is she disproportionately tall for him? Yes, but she isn't hurting him, she has the weight of a pencil.

  7. id like to see you jump in an english saddle, english riding is alot harder than western and you need to have better balance, as you dont have anything to hold onto

  8. She is still WAY too big for it. Did you ever stop to think what would happen if a big fat ass sat on you? It'd be hard work for you huh. Prob wouldn't even be able to lift them. Not fair on this pony to endure some fat ass lady to sit on him

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