19 Replies to “Band Saw Fence for under 15 dollars!”

  1. Dude! You didn't build a fence. You built a table! You BOUGHT a fence and clamped it to the table. You should change the title of this video so people who need a fence won't waste time watching this crap.

  2. I have the exact same bandsaw and I have been meaning to make a larger outfeed table and fence but I needed your concept
    to motivate me . Off to the shop ! Thank You for taking the time and doing all the work to share it . The aluminum fence you used can be found at Harbor Freight also in different lengths , they can be disassembled, cut to custom size and reassembled with minimum mechanical skill.

  3. I am going to make a fence identical to this one. MDF 3/4 inch 2 foot by 4 foot can be purchased from Menard's for about 12 bucks and I got the 4 1/2 foot saw guide from Harbor freight for about 13 bucks with coupon. I plan on coating with clear poly spray or paint to keep the board from drawing moisture.

  4. Couple of upgrade suggestions – add two self adhesive measuring tapesto each ends of the table to make it easier to set up fence straight. Add higher fence, screwed to straight edge, to cut taller pieces. Route slot for strip to hold adjustable circle guide using shelf pins epoxies in strip for adjustable center.

  5. Harbor freight actually has the exact same clamp and edge guide for 10 bucks!!! Item 66126. It is the 24 inch. They also have a 48 inch for a few dollars more item 66581. Hope this helps! Have a Super Blessed Week!….Gus

  6. Hey, Beau, I'm starting to make some vids with commentary, I already uploaded my first one, would you mind checking it out? 🙂

  7. ya that's fair. What I was planning on doing was taking about 6 inches off the long part of the board, and cutting it into two 3 inch strips. Mounting those two boards together for a 1.5 inch solid straight fence, and attaching it to miter gauge. Routing out a channel in the rear for the guage and boom done. However…I got lazy and went with the straight edge 😀

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