36 Replies to “Bankruptcy | by Wall Street Survivor”

  1. Great videos boys keep it up! I subscribed to your site but can't seem to find the tutorials under the library section, where can I find them?? Thanks!

  2. What happens to the stocks of the Company? Do bank will sell and give back the face value of a share to the holder or…???

  3. This is such a weird thing for me to process. What if all the assets amount to a value that's significantly less than that person's debt? I don't understand how someone can have his debt forgiven through a legal process, where does that money come from?
    Also, what if the person fails to meet the other party's conditions in Chapter 13? Do they file for bankruptcy again?

  4. Easy. If a player caused you to go bankrupt, you give them all of your money and property. If the bank caused the bankruptcy, everything is evenly divided between all other players.

  5. What the fuck is with the music? Roger is shit broke with a mortgage, cc debt, and child support. How is a 'car' and a 'house' more 'non-essential' than a fucking suit and tie and a bed? -_-

    Like if you hate this guy because this is what happen to toys r us😑😑😑😑😠😑😠😑😠😑😠😑

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