25 Replies to “Barbwire fencing tricks”

  1. If this video helped you? Please check out our fencing series of videos. There are many ways to fence, many ways to do it right & many more ways to do it wrong. I wish I would’ve seen this series of video when I first started out ranching, it would’ve saved me many headaches.
    Your comments, advice and tips are welcome. We all can learn together. Two heads are better than one.
    Happy trails

  2. First time repairing fencing and found this. Thank you for the video, much appreciated! Off to get the minis and big horses areas repaired after winter!

  3. Thank you SOOO much for your videos! I need to refence ten acres and I won't embarrass my dad now!

  4. Sure beats the Army way of working with barbed wire. Grab a bite around the picket around and make 3 wraps. Bite loop facing down . Heaven forbid you just secure with ties. Double Apron fence just a nightmare

  5. I always appreciate your videos. Some things to try, some we do the same and some I never even considered before. Great way to share learn and grow from a different area.

  6. Hello from Russia! Mosin's Russian carbine in the USA is a cool, interesting video for a novice farmer.

  7. I have been a dairy farmer my whole an life. I learned more about fencing in last the 3 mints than in the last 10 years.

  8. I especially liked the tip about the staple in the top of the post. And leaving the wire loose as well. I have made that mistake. It sucks!! An ounce of prevention. Great tips.

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