Barbwire fencing~~~

Barbwire fencing~~~

all right we're out at Cal camp pasture and I've got my nephew here and my son and another nephew they're out here been out here for a couple to three days now putting up fence for me my brother and shares on this and this is their outfit thinking of starting a fencing company as soon as they get to driver's license hold up there howdy over by some oil fuels my son here oilfield degenerate binary thing ramped up next to it semis lots of does all right what you guys been doing out here what was there a buddy not expense – no offense how many miles offenses you guys put up maybe a mile now my own quarter how many days you guys been working on this weird D you guys I think I starting some kind of fencing company when you can see driver's license old are you Abe 13 are the oldest of assignments plan that's warned my eldest how old are you son 13 13 years old because what stay in a mobile home out there camper let's see your system what do you guys got pick and roll I'm putting the mountain singles right now there stuff I guess off there so tell me about your brace what about brother how far you put them in the ground you happy now currently both these young men are single and I think they're both kind of somewhat fishing around so if you ladies are looking for some working men probably good idea to look them up what are the qualifications you got to have a big ranch got to be an only child and a big ranch so right south kind of girl you're looking for yeah pretty much probably have a nice pickup tractor expose on top of that good-looking is requirement no no missing links and what else you guys looking for probably need to have a cow herd on hand too I suppose what else now they're desperate they'll go settle for about anything so take a look at your Braves here what do you got why using pipe instead of wood now the correct answer is so you don't have to come back out and fix it five years right I'll deeper those posts in the ground they're in feet long so late probably about three and a half feet there abouts we were to do anything different about this fence what would you do I see you guys been camping out here then – or what let's see how straight this been – I have not helped them it camped out here Eve how many days we camped out here now – night two nights three days they'll be coming in the church night let me pick them up share kind of frowns and driving on the road without a license let's take a look at here how straight dispenses bat 13 and 14 year old use it off sure excuse the works pretty good feel speaking of driving who drove out here your dad drove you out huh that's why I thought you said all right well we're going to shut her down could be live North Dakota beautiful what is it

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  1. Takes me back to my younger days. I've got two young boys now, and although we don't have a ranch like you guys we're slowly getting a few head running on the family farm. It's been in our family since 1927. This summer they'll get a good learning of the "business end" of a tamping bar setting new posts. Keep up good videos.

  2. Great video. They have done a great job on this fence. wow! The boys are precious. They will be fine men someday. This is America as it should be…

  3. That’s livin’. What are those boys doing now? Work like that makes you feel like you contribute. Makes you eat, sleep and grow too. I’ll bet they’re big boys now.

  4. So nice to see these guys. Right when I was loosing hope for the next generation, these guys have their heads on straight. Good job raising these kids too Dads. As Dads we rarely get our report cards before the kids are grown but you guys are doing a good job. God bless you and your families.

  5. Wonder how they dug the post holes. Nice idea to use the bale feeder to unroll wire. I also wondered how the fence was layed out to be straight and square corners. Somebody had to be a surveyor. Nice to see the good work. Bad neighbors make for good fences.

  6. None of us are perfect… But the hard work and values instilled in these young men's' lives definitely are!Great job Dad!

  7. When you two young fellers find that good lookin woman with a big ranch and a good herd of cows don't forget that size does matter so take a gander at her bank account before you start mowing her lawn. 😉

  8. Good work. Good instructive video! Work is one of the great pleasures of life. Sometimes it takes a little age before one realizes that. Manual work, outdoors, is my favorite kind of work. Looks like the same for you fellers possibly.

  9. 13 and 12 years old! Good job boys and good job to a great father teaching his boys to work. The secret to success in life is simple: 1) Work hard 2) Live providently 3) Save a portion of your money and let interest work for you. I'd add one more in this day and age 4) turn off tech

  10. I was a rebel with the law until the military straightened me out. One thing is for sure though, my buddies and I were respectful and hard working. It's refreshing to see some kids still are. I still don't go to church though ha.

  11. John Wayne in the "Cowboys", "And don't forget, I'm a man, and you are boys"…he growled. I suspect these guys would get a, "They'll do" out of the ole codger.

  12. I remember learning to drive standard when I was 14. I came out of the woods and the guy I was hunting with had a nice fall and screwed his knee up. He looked at me and said "we'll either your learning to drive or wear going to be hear a while"

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