Barrier Islands on Virginia’s Eastern Shore – Wanderlove

Barrier Islands on Virginia’s Eastern Shore – Wanderlove

Hey hey, Jesse here from Jesse on a Journey I am currently in Wachapregue on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, about to explore the Barrier Islands. You know when I travel I love going beyond the guidebook. This is the perfect experience because I had no idea Virginia even had islands and I got to see a bunch of them today. A local woman named Captain Meriweather Payne took me out on her boat. She runs a company called Seaside Eco Tours. We saw Common Terns. We saw laughing gulls, we saw an American Bald Eagle. The islands are all uninhabited. But you will see a few structures. One we saw was an old Coast Guard garage it’s now used for research purposes. Most of these islands are owned by the local nature conservancy so there’s a lot of research going on here. For anyone looking to fuel their wanderlove, this is a must-have experience to add to your bucket list.

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