Barstool Sports Competes for $10,000 in Cash — Field Day 2019

Barstool Sports Competes for $10,000 in Cash — Field Day 2019

hello and welcome to the New Amsterdam vodka field day one of barstools biggest sponsors is throwing a massive competition for $10,000 now we have a stocked field of competitors full of hunched over bloggers and below average athletes and we're gonna see who the first-round picks are in just a couple seconds Caleb who do you have going first off your draft board and listen the best athletes on this field are you and I wrong that's a fact that's a fact one two three shoot shoot Kevin got first pick stuff all right I'll take Francis oh there was simple as that Marty mush Sophia I'll take Smitty Hank I got chef carapace I'll take Coulee Grinnell E and VIPs friend and mr. irrelevant Nate Nate goes last off the board let's see if it is a productive situation for him or ultimately the eventual murder of our whole company walk us through step by step your first pick it's Sophia if Daddy girl's daddy gang they were saying they weren't gonna come and they were pushing pushing pushing we're not gonna come so I guarantee that takes Sophia first just to make sure she had to compete so you can make the daddy girls come contrary to Kate's bug yeah I would've canceled the podcast this Wednesday unless they came and ran like wind sprints there was never a doubt there showing up and they showed just like I knew they would so the six teams have been selected I'd say the teams watch out for the blue team full of big boys the orange team with our orange friend Francis and Dave's yellow team because he's our boss so spiders doing a little refereeing he's wearing the zebra stripes is this something that you're gonna look for wrong could he be bought there's definitely a way that you could have spider in your pocket he would definitely fit three using teamwork to get a hit there Wow Lindy Lindy making up ground Wow we got butt crack out that's butt crack but he can't even address the butt crack sweet Mother of God my pee is through and it looks like that might be a victory for the purple team Francesc a speared spider Oh don't cross the finish line maybe he saves himself a little bit spider what happened what happened down the whole line I got that you might spear him back at some time or maybe disqualify him from the competition he already got technical fouls another one of those who will DQ his whole team dude we saw all we saw was that you you uh pick someone up and piledrive than we might have been the wrath it was the ref who was spider I hate him I'm never gonna let him out of my sight again he's a cheat he's on the take from just gonna follow him around and look at him all the time if we ever eat after every event ends if he doesn't I'd call it more fairly I'm gonna do something why because we won we won first we were done done first now they're saying they were done first now the question is is that how you win this competition they're talking about second we won buy so much ready coming the last no one cares about purple winning okay absolutely smoked green green came in last place people don't like to talk about it with a photo finish great hustle out of Smitty go to the tape it's absolute chaos here after the first event and you can expect nothing less a shoddily run event and the only thing professional once again is us it sounds like we're moving on to the second round which will be balloon toss all life begins with water breaking kennelly you set out you guys do together are you going again guys I'll go with Cooper Cooper you guys go to mean Kate the to do definitely feels hands okay I mean Kate's drinking so you catch it and you take one step back after if one of us is still alive we went wrong any advice to the competitors as they throw these balloons catch them okay a little bit simple as that all right ready three so it looks like we'll have no idea when anyone's eliminated from this stupid stupid game let me tell you one thing inmates are running this asylum because there's no rules and spider doesn't even even know what's going on he's around it looks like they're gonna be arguing with everything so who's left in this like so it's purple out rosy out do that shit junket balloon spider control this shit there's still bases going home to comb spider there's real money on the line for real people let's go that was the best moment of Tommy's life swear to God that's the best thing that's ever happened Tommy Francis feel free to cheat like everybody else Oh oops drop the balloon Jarrad Wow fair catch bye Jared you caught it like a punt returner I'm run out of steam I may have to go over him these spikes the balloon that's got to be some type of penalty yeah man he you know what that's in the day dude you just want to see some type of sportsmanship that's really all we all want to see and it's it's embarrassing for me personally they even have to be around a loser like that stop Smitty lays out do you think that Smitty we could grow up to be a really good balloon ballplayer with years of practice he surely will they still gonna get it though yeah I still gotta get it and Hank has just won the purple team is dominating this competition though how do you save it last one so with second again so we're right in the mix I think we have to be realistic okay we came in last and then second to last and he's too first event so we're not going to win but we have to do is we have to offer to help the second place team cheap to try to get a little cut of their money reah now you're the captain of the purple team and you guys have just won your second in a row does that really speak to your drafting abilities I don't know honestly one when I was when I was drafting I had a few other picks in mind I'm happy with how my picks turned out I actually had the last pick I thought I was gonna get fucked but it's turning out well for me but when it comes down to the tug-of-war we might get fucked yeah at the end of the day did you understand those rules because we didn't know I didn't understand them at all I think it was playing them in the finals and we're bigger they're tiny squad and we got Kalani fat balls on our team for the tug of war see that's where I fucked up I didn't pick a fat guy I should have picked the fat guy but you know what I faith in my team we just won the first two so let's win it all maybe they're fat guys at heart hey that'll be good after the water balloon toss the purple team leads with 10 points yellows in 2nd with 8 orange and pink are tied with 4 and the rest are frankly too sad to mention up next is the egg relay so what's the game so what are you doing use walk with the egg where's real team that's behind you or anything to show us anything but we can have it we can we have what you can take out your closest competition already doesn't we all we take them out ourselves yeah because you guys said no whichever team is your closest competition we will work to make sure that they do not finish in the second place and so you can have your pick on who you want to take on and finals for take a while I think that's who we want tug of war they're tiny the egg race is simple you smash the spoon with the egg and eat the spoon all right guys let's do it good show it in the last one let's huddle up anyone need a dip okay it's honestly astounding that there's a $10,000 you're sitting right here and there people are taking their time to do this I literally could just take that leave you guys would never see me again for like six months you know well we've seen a few we've seen a few i mean whoever does that says they have no integrity for the game let's let's be straight up dude it hasn't been more cheating freaking dude up I came from Carolina football dude look at Smitty an absolute sprint plenty take his time you know he's a man who knows who knows way around an egg oh no Hank dropped it as he went across he's disqualified he that might cost them their chance to win completely it looks like I feel like this is being run by like the Greek government or something more controversy so we need to find out who the official winner of this event is let's find Spyder break it down what's happening here because people are at your necks how do you maintain your integrity it's a lot of controversy but I'm just trying to keep a level playing field what does bribery mean to you um all right give us the exclusive I'm gonna take the money if I rigged it pfth team won but like here and here all I see is six grand so who do we want to do we want to what do you mean who do we want Spyder you're under attack we're gonna bomb them that's a disqualified orange team is disqualified are you ready to make your ruling spider spider eyes are ruling the scores earn the score of the egg relay is a sad sight indeed Green got five yellow got four pink and purple dropped their egg and orange and blue cheated it's a very strict referee ring by Spyder on this one you could tell he's a very by-the-book kind of guy playing game Tuggle them that's the only way to do it Democratic Oh spider wants to do a play in tug of war for a second place you were reading to spiders numbers later there's tank and your fucking tray down the commissioners the office we were doing the playing you just want to be a fucking celebrity all the cameras are on you fucking explain how it went 20 games right told me the playing game was the right move that's what I did he's my boss you got the money I'll know why you guys even care they already took the money oh there wasn't 10 grand in that jar after the egg relay the final standings for field day are as follows yellow purple green orange pink and blue now we should have a tug of war between yellow and purple but we're gonna do a play in game instead between purple and pink because spider said so I got a tackle first round Francis just speared spider I got chewed out every round cents new amsterdam thank you but i will be retiring after this event spider you've made the right decisions all game long I think Nate was actually mad you think we're here with everyone's favorite ref spider now how the next events gonna go this is a playing game are we correct yes sir so when it comes out to us who argues the hardest afterwards about who won it comes back down to Dave's decision he said the playing game was a good idea that's what I opted with it's like the 2000 election in Florida here it is tug of war it's a playing so whoever wins this goes to the finals it's that simple spider we wish you look thank you it's a wrap too easy for the big guy close a monster take points away from us yo relax I ordered you that you guys should have been finals well technically we have more points so this is really not even it doesn't matter this is just a formality and you guys are really gonna be in the fund yeah correct spider team which goes the finals I tallied the points up I asked what was the best route this was what I was told so so so who made the decision because dave says they wasn't him yeah it wasn't him I had the final say of course so so why does the team with the most points not making the finals in my opinion there was no finals to be won the winner was declared however what the second most points it's a very who had the second most game is about a lot more than the rules and that's because I don't think there are any this game is about can you convince spider that you should be the winner and there's a chance to me in Rome I end up winning this thing at this rate now Smitty looks like he switched over to the yellow team let's find out what happened here what happened here Smitty what happened how'd you wind up in yellow car daddy what happened here well how does Smitty wanna you know what uh Smitty that question I was brought into this big cat and I thought it'll be an impressive idea since this whole thing is a shit show with no rules whatsoever we picked our team solely based on the tug-of-war event and then after the event started it was told that the tug-of-war would be between the top two people so therefore we would not participate in the tug-of-war we thought there'd be a good way to involve ourselves how did you end up on yellow because Sophia agreed to trade spots is there any truth there's no truth to this I would never cheat listen the podcast you cheat oh honey this is the final Finals best out of three win two and $10,000 is yours round one three two oh it's a little bit tighter this time so losing the landslide yep so easy it's done this is free money there's been free money from me from the jump it doesn't matter which way you organize yourself for $10,000 one team will win one team will bitch about it let's see what happens three two here we go it's early it's looking the same so the same papers giving it all these guys easiest money I've ever made I've done a lot of things at this company congratulations I didn't draft enough wait congratulations my friend you thank you very much this money this money's coming big boy I'm going back to the village in a week so this is gonna be big so zai you were the first one on the line in tug of war it seemed like you were giving them some faces and and what were you trying to convey to the other squad I mean you gotta set the temple I can't come in here smiling and all that it's it's for money it's a fucking competition I came here to fucking win so I set the tone for the team get in their fucking heads that's what that was my wrongly well done brother congratulations off auntie UK thank you so Ken Jack as soon as team yellow one he just threw a yellow shirt on he's just he's just standing there from the team photo people haven't noticed yet the New Amsterdam vodka field games and the champion the yellow squad congratulations thanks wrong Dave can you just talk a little bit about what this guy means to your team well he's a great guy I love Spyder I think he does a job and everything and a lot of people chirping and he kept to his integrity as morals and made the right call almost every single time this is as much his trophy as it is ours that's true my friend the nine of us are gonna have a fun time splitting than splitting this money up so congratulations to all of us $10,000 from New Amsterdam vodka salut

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  1. its hilarious watching this and seeing all the dweebs up close who are the ones complaining about the Call Her Daddy girls. it makes so much sense. ALEX+SOFIA 4EVER <3

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