Base Plate Mount on Wakeboard! GoPro Tip #98 | MicBergsma

Base Plate Mount on Wakeboard! GoPro Tip #98 | MicBergsma

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  1. OMG, You're a genius. Thank you! Now, can you show me how to get that kind of air at 270 lbs?

    BTW, you could probably tape it to the top and mark it through the holes.

  2. I see that you are using quick release buckle.  Is Vertical Quick Release Buckle stable and safe to use?   Vertical Quick Release Buckle gave me a good angle of myself on wakeboard.  Thanks MicBergsma

  3. Hi! Thanks for your video!
    Can I use Surfboard Mounts to mount my Hero 4 on Wakeboard and is it stong enough in wakepark jumping on rails and ect.? Thanks

  4. I have been watching your vids all day and love em! This one is my fav because I have been looking for a wakeboard mount and something to do with the flat mount! Thanxs!! 😀

  5. Awesome idea +MicBergsma but it only lasted me 2 hours at my local cable park before snapping one side of the mount that you clip into… I'm guessing it takes a lot of shock when directly connected to the board because I had just replaced a broken vertical quick release clip on the lap round before. Have you discovered any other mounts to srew into the fin mounts? Awesome view, just need stronger plastic!

  6. awesome mount idea, if DIY mounts work that good then how well do you think third party mounts off the internet work ?

  7. Hi mic! I want also something like that but then for my snowboard. What should I use? I'm doubt of a flat mount or a surf mount?

  8. Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows where you can buy more base plates from. I want to permenantly attach one to each of our wakeboards? Maybe I should just design something up and get it 3d printed or machined?

  9. Hey Mitch. This is a great idea and I used it on the weekend. Used is with a J buckle to get it so the floaty back door would fit on. Amazingly on one of my jumps the J buckle snapped in half! and our gopro went went skimming across the river. Thank goodness for the floaty back door and that I noticed it came off! Will also attach a leash or 2 next time!

  10. Hey man, found your channel and all your gopro videos. I started wake boarding middle last summer. Made this mount to attach to my board and the footage rocks.

  11. good video lost my gopro original with a suction cup a few days ago .. bummer so sad but just bought the hero 2

  12. Good Idea..tried it out. It worked for two sets. On the third wakeboard set, after I came around the Tantrum the base plate snapped where the camera mounts and sent my camera flying into the water. Luckily I had the floaty and we found it ten minutes later.. I will be buying the suction cup for now on..The base plate from the packaging is too weak for high impact wakeboarding.. you guys must not be jumping or something?

  13. Awesome 🙂 I do this way so I can remove it and put on other boards often. I break boards so I can remove it easy. I never saw any surf mount fail…

  14. Mic im great fan of your videos!
    why wouldnt you use surfboard mount instead of this? have you seen surfboard mount ever failed or disconnected?

  15. Really good idea,but i don't have any removable fins on my board,they're just molded. 🙁 Still,good job!

  16. I never film a rider from a boat with gopro… I use Canon DSLR with 24-105mm lens that way… if I film wakeboarding with gopro, I only put gopro on my helmet, board, anywhere on me or on pole filming from jetski like I did in other video watch?v=etG65un_AiQ

  17. Just a quick question do toy use your gopro for your wakeboarding videos? If so do you use a roll bar mount to mount it to the tower?

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