Basic Archery Instruction

Basic Archery Instruction

archery is rapidly growing in popularity and schools across the country many schools take part in the national archery in the Schools program and this program students are taught fundamentals and safety issues of archery here is a brief overview of how to shoot a bow using these fundamentals before we begin we must first identify the parts of the bow the type of bow we will use is a compound bow this is called the camp it will be at the end closest to the ground when we shoot the bow this is called the wheel notice that it is shaped differently than the camp this is the grip the part of the bow onto which we hope our next part is the strength this is what we pull back or draw when we are shooting on the string you will find a knock locator this is where our arrow will attach to the string above the grip is the rest this is where the Arab sits on the boat the site window is the part of the bow we look past we are aiming at our target this is an arrow and it is as important to know its parts as it is to know the parts of the bow the part of the arrow that everything's fastened on is the shaft the point is the end of the arrow that pierces the target the knot is the end of the arrow that attaches to the string these are called things their job is to stabilize the arrow in flight so that it flies in a straight line notice one vein is colored differently this is called an index finger we will discuss this more later the first step in shooting is to grip the bow assume this shooter shoots left-handed so the bow is held in the right hand our next step is to place the knock of the arrow under the knock locator when doing so be sure the index vein is away from the both the shaft of the arrow will also lay on the rest of it with your other hand place three fingers under the knock of the arrow notice the string is on the knuckle of the three fingers next close fingers around the string your feet should be shoulder width apart perpendicular to the target the foot nearest the target should slightly point towards the target with all the steps followed the shoot will raise a bow to stand in the free draw position the shooter will draw the street will draw full brawls achieved when the index finger is at the corner of the shooters mouth when at full draw this is the shooters view the tip of the air will be placed at the spot the shooter wants the arrow tool and when the target sighted in the shooter releases a stream and follows through fashion when we put it all together here's our result the shooter grips the bow auction arrow with the index pain facing outward places three fingers draw draw

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  1. It is correct to shoot three fingers under As mentikned in the video, NASP instructs students to shoot shoot three under. Some call it "apache style". Split finger, or Mediterranean style, is an acceptable way to shoot as well. Most traditional archers shoot split fingers. Hope that clears things up.

  2. Can any1 explain how come in Hunger Games, Katniss did not shoot the bow in this manner? Her fingers were in different places.

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