basic horse riding: part 1

basic horse riding: part 1

hi everyone we're here with Amanda she's gonna be talking to us today about some basic just your regular old basic how to ride horse and she's already mounted as you can see and I want to back up here and let her start out with the first things to do when you're you know if you mount on your horse and get ready to ride and you're not familiar with horse riding a whole lot but here's a few beginner tips and let me zoom in here a little bit man just get us started on what's the first thing you need to do after you've got a trained horse in here ready to start riding all right can you back up and show me that what you've done not there one more time real quick with your legs because is that a hard kick or a little okay let me zoom down there on your legs okay now now start out again and show me how you get the horse started it did work she walked forward all right can you uh can you stop her again okay as you stopped there I noticed that she was pulling back on your reins there real easy and hold them down okay so that's that's the basic getting started and stopping okay show me that one more time how you stopped her okay but you're not doing anything with your feet right just with your feet okay these are just some basic how to ride a horse get them started this is a trained horse and okay you want her to turn her turn her to the left there so it's kind of how you'd want to get her to turn to the left if you're starting out riding her and you want to walk forward can you do that for me yeah as you're turning to the left to get her to turn and walk forward okay your right leg okay and that's turning her to is she's walking okay okay tell me that one more time stop it real quick and show me that one more time with your leg what you've done there when you picked up your rein okay pick up your reins there okay what's hand are you picking your ringing up with first okay okay that's what I was interested in okay show me that which leg are you using again this right leg okay got it all right okay let's stop her again there tell me how you stopped her okay if if you know if you get on a horse and you feel like the horse might be might not want to go for you and you're afraid you might get bucked off what would you suggest somebody to do so you're saying let's start out by if you're not if you're not real confident starting out ride and get somebody to lead you right okay can you make another turn but let's make a opposite turn of what you've just done there on your alright that is good alright can you uh can you get her to walk sideways here towards me stop her now I know this isn't in probably your beginning or you know horse riding but you know if you did get need to get her to move over away from a tree or something he's out in the woods tell me kind of what you do to get her go around it back you know towards me a little bit okay now moving the other way so we can see what you're talking about with your leg okay let me get your Ranger Ranger up right there okay okay got it and say that that gets or it gets you around a hole or something out in the woods yeah got it all right people this is just a basic course you know get started a little video we're doing here thanks again and appreciate you watching and I didn't get to watch this again thank

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  1. Really good. Can I get get a part 2. I have a question. When loping…how is the best way to steer the horse left and right?

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