32 Replies to “Basic Soccer Rules – Under 7 (parents and players please watch) – FC Fire (Frisco, TX)”

  1. I am playing flag football and soccer I am the best at flag football on my team what about soccer 5:34

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  3. Thank you sooo much for making this! It really helps us parents that have never played soccer explain the rules better to the kiddos.

  4. I think some of the things you cover are great but for parents or people who have no clue some of the rules in soccer don't really matter if you're not actually playing, I think offsides throw ins corner kicks, free kicks and pks, are the only things an outsider needs to know.

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  6. If this is for U7, there should NOT be 5 v 5, rather 3 v 3 to be in accordance with US Youth Soccer guidelines!

  7. I'm sorry I know this is rude but this is really boring my parents are making me watch this this is for under 7 I am 11 years old

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  9. the ball has to go backwards on the kick off… just saying… ive been called up on it so many times 

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  11. Thank you so much for sharing this! We are teaching our 6yo son some basic rules of soccer so he can play it with other kids at school. We are hoping to get him into playing soccer as his sport outside of school also.

  12. – That Was Absolutkey GREAT TURTIOAL .. i Was Looking For Something To Help Me Figuring Out The Game So I Wouldnt Look Like An Idiot When My Friends Are Sitting Watching Matches .. Thanks Coach Jim <3
    If You Post More Of These .. That Would Be Awesome

  13. I'am new u6 coach and have played soccer before and thanks for the refresher it is a little different than playing 11 v 11. Great Video!!!!!

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