BB Gun Target Range (With Quick Reset Feature)

BB Gun Target Range (With Quick Reset Feature)

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  1. Oh hell no! … LOL.. I stopped when the tin snips came out to cut all those disc…my BB trap isn't all fancy schmancy like yours- I just used cardboard and some envelopes. mine doesn't have the big discs for targets (yet) , but I'm looking for a way to incorporate them into an inexpensive backstop.
    (and in truth, I did watch the rest of the video and your skills and your shop are impressive.)

  2. You need a deeper, slanted backstop for a regular metal BB gun target or you run a serious risk for ricochet. Also, many modern air rifles will shoot right through a unsupported single sheet of plywood.

  3. this is for air soft guns… people dont seem to know the difference, if you use this for a bb gun, 4.6m steel bb, it will ricochet too much

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