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  1. Her: Boom , dead center. Boom , dead center. Boom , dead center. Boom , dead center. Me: Man, I'm a great teacher.

  2. Response to: "Walter Strong"-1 yr ago Reply (Sorry, it wouldn't post under his as a reply.)

    My husband bought me a Ruger .22 caliber, and a Glock 17 and 19 for himself. I was irritated that he picked the .22 for me. When we went to the range for the first time I tried all three of our guns, and rented (later purchased) a Sig Sauer P226. I'm small – not even 5' tall – but I shot, and enjoyed shooting, the Sig a LOT better than the other three. It felt like a part of me, a natural extension of my body, and I was an excellent shot with it – much better than the other three. This was the FIRST TIME I ever used a hand gun of any kind, too.

    Don't underestimate a woman, and worse, pre-judge her. It's insulting, and if you treated me that way, it may be the last you see of me. Would you take the same approach with another man?

    For me, the best approach would be to start a conversation about guns and shooting. Find out her interest in guns in general, and her stance on the 2nd Amendment; if it aligns with yours then invite her to talk about any previous experience she has and go from there. If she's inexperienced but interested, then reviewing or teaching gun safety is the next step, BEFORE going to the range. Adapt to her level of experience and interest. What I just outlined are just basic, common sense guidelines for ANYONE, not just a woman. I know plenty of men that have never even touched a gun and many women who are both excellent shots, and safe gun users/owners. My husband and I use this exact approach with anyone new to guns, whether it's our 21-yr old nephew who has no experience, to my 49-yr old sister who, like me, learned to shoot long guns in her early teens but never a hand gun.

    The approach you outlined would cause me, if I was the woman or girlfriend receiving it, to re-evaluate YOU, and if I want to be with someone so judgemental and presumptuous. I'd have to determine if this was a sign of your attitude in general, and a hint of behaviors to come, or if, like my husband, it was a one-time instance that had good intentions even though done in a way I found offensive. We're still together 😉… How do you think your female companion would judge you? SHE might be the one saying "goodbye," not you.

    It irritates me no end that the majority of the replies to this awesome video are from men talking about it being a deal breaker for them if the woman they're interested in doesn't like guns. While I agree that this is a very important issue to be in agreement on with a potential partner, it's not non-negotiable – if it is then you're already with the wrong person. Sometimes someone has fears or other obstacles that are perfectly valid, and they just need to be educated and listened to. I have always been an advocate of the 2nd Amendment, but didn't always feel comfortable actually having guns in my home. I worked through those, though, and can't wait to buy my next gun. It's something my husband and I, as well as family and friends, can share. That wouldn't have happened if my husband hadn't respected my thoughts and feelings, and given me both the time and information I needed. Whether you are a man or a woman, YOUR attitude and approach initially is what's critical (and the only thing you can control); handle it wrong and you could miss out on the person that is perfect for you.

    While your specific words led me to responding, I realize that some of what I said was as much in response to several other (men's) comments here. My goal was to give another perspective, but not to offend.

  3. My girl shaquante just shot for her first time yesterday in a training facility and she did great.

  4. My first date is always the gun range, that determines if I’m going to stay with her and ask for another date or drop her.

  5. I wouldn't want a woman against guns anyway. Do if she dumps me because of my guns, I'd say "good riddance."

  6. I took my wife shooting..shower her how to grip and everything..she out shot me I don’t take her back 😂😂 jk we go almost weekly

  7. My sweet wife has always shot targets much better than I can, she is much better than I am. But when it comes to food she misses or wounds, and I shoot through the head. We each have our strong points.

  8. I saw a new derogatory phrase the other day , "hyper toxic masculinity is caused by guns" , which only goes to prove you can inform the ignorant but you cant fix stupid , keep up the good work mr noir I truly enjoy your videos 😉

  9. 1) a young turk is not a lady for me
    2) if she can outshoot me, I’m gonna be turned on. Yeah I got an ego, sure I’m a natural af shooter and had near two dozen classes on point shooting, retention shooting, grapple shooting and upper level handgun marksmanship, if she can do it, I’ll be really humble and damnit I think we’ll have more to talk about. Now that I think about it, I want to meet this girl.

  10. I’ve heard that women are more accurate off the bat because they’re more cautious and really focus on the technique

  11. I would never subject myself to dating a tyt fan. If she breaks it off it was never meant to be.

  12. I've watched your videos over the course of a couple years. Thank you, they are generally interesting/entertaining and include basic common sense. I've enjoyed them. 😊

  13. Okay one, my Mum was an excellent shot, Dad saw to it himself; but have you seen the episode of The Big Bang Theory where Leonard and Penny go to the range?   That scene drives me absolutely BONKERS—say, why don't you count the mistakes in this scene?     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9R-83nMAPuA

  14. We had a couple of chicks in my boot camp company they all shot very well cuz they weren't trying to be macho it was said girls tend to shoot better than men regardless cuz of their feminine touch

  15. So i took a girl to a range and you’re right she kept saying she was trying to hit the head or center mass so i started double tapping one center mass one head 😂

  16. I've "taught" several ladies how to shoot. I think it was more like unleashing their inner SpecOps markslady. It's nice to know that they can protect me after I get into it with some behemoth.

  17. I've only invited females to the range for two reasons:

    1. They're interested in self defense and don't know anything

    2. They think the "AR" in AR15 stands for "assault rifle" and this isn't acceptable.

    More often than not, once they relax, they're fantastic shots on paper and really pay attention to what they're doing. No problems here.

  18. Shooting sports and equestrian are the only sports at the olympics where being a woman is not a disadvantage

  19. Dating isn't on the range. It's one thing if you both shoot and after some off range time getting to know each other, range May be possible. However, some of us were raised shooting and many men can't handle our marksmanship! We women just don't tell people like you about our capabilities. Men! 🤣😂🔊

  20. Women are too emotional, guns aren't for emotional people. They're only for logical people. That's why most gurls hate guns.

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