bear minuteman take down recurve bow

bear minuteman take down recurve bow

I'd like to tell you a little bit about the bear Minuteman bow I just bought off eBay about a week ago this is a bow was taking me well over a year to acquire because I wanted to get exactly the boy I wanted to add a good price and eventually I ended up just paying about a hundred and thirty eight bucks and change for it which wasn't the price I wanted but I did get exactly the boy I wanted I wanted to get a 40-pound draw weight in good condition and that's what I ended up with I've got the riser here and the complete set pleat outfit comes with a risers two limbs a string and a handle well this one didn't have the handle so what I did is I just got some tennis racket tape and put it on there which works fine didn't have a string which wasn't a big deal because I was able to make a string for it you can buy the handles on ebay they typically run around 30 bucks you can get a string tools or like 15 bucks so between the two of them that's another 40 bucks so you'd think Willy to get one without the handle on the string are they 40 bucks cheaper no whether it's got the handle on the string or a doesn't they seem to go for the same price I was hoping to get one for a hundred bucks I never did I could have bought one for a hundred thirty eight fifty probably a year ago I guess I just got tired of waiting I wanted the bow so I spent the money for if you wanted to get one and you wanted to spend a hundred and forty bucks probably a couple of options you'd have one now what I found so appealing about this bow and why I really wanted to get it so bad is first of all I really like the riser it's made out of magnesium it's really lightweight I've got another take down bow where the risers much heavier so I like that and I like the way the bowl looks when it's assembled it looks more like a bowl why do these takedowns get such a gigantic riser which probably helps with the performance but I just don't like the aesthetics of it like I said the other thing I like is this thing's so easy to put together and no tools so my original idea was you take it in the back you don't put it in the back of your car take it in a backpacking trip you don't need to worry about forgetting a tool because it just literally a good picture just snaps together snaps together and you're in business okay I'm gonna take the kid on a few features okay each of the limbs has got a pad that's of a different material than the loom to fit into those pockets and you can see it's got a little slot there it fits in there just it just clips right into that clip at the end they're very easy to put in and it's very secure once you put it in there and I did some research on this bow and the limbs when they originally built these things in 1974 75 76 the idea was to use the same limbs and the same limb technology that they use and their most expensive bows on a low-cost hunting bull and I think they did a pretty good job I've got a bear grizzly and the limbs on that bear grizzly are very similar to this it's a maple core with a fiberglass laminate and it's this Bulls 35 years old but it's really it's really pretty nice-looking the one thing it doesn't have and have a string groove which I'm gonna yeah it doesn't have a string groove there it's not that big of a deal it's a really it's really it's really a nice cool like I said just it flips together so nice it is so quick and you're in business without the tools and you can see here maybe it's just it's the aesthetics of the bowl is just really a nice a nice looking bowl I've taken it out and shot it it shoots just as well as my brand-new my Jaguar take down I'm going to do a couple of things to quiet it down and I'm gonna post a video of it shooting a little after I post this one but all in all I think it's it's it's a great bowl they're not that expensive if it's if you get the fever like I do I would recommend that you just go ahead and buy one it's all I wanted to say thanks

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  1. I wish Bear would bring this bow back in production.
    It should be just like the way it looked in the early 1970's.
    I have a lot of expensive bows, including Bear, but I trade all of them
    for another minuteman.

  2. I love the Minuteman bow.  I broke the limb pocket on my original one back in 2010 and had to resurrect another one:  1970 Bear Minuteman Resurrection

  3. Go video review. I'm looking into one for myself, I believe they had a good idea that should be brought back.

  4. Sorry I took so long to repley. I look for the kind of velcro that has an addhesive backing where you just peel and stick it. I just cut it alittle wider than the string and alittle longer where the string touches the limb if it's a recurve. It's placed in the groove between limb and string. I have never used glue so I don't mess up the bow if I have to change the velcro. Clear silicone may work so you can clean it off if you have too. Hope this helps. Yeah, I tried to shoot today,but too cold!

  5. How are you attaching the velcro to the bow?

    Definitely agree w/ the "great bow" comment! I spent two years trying to get one for a good price before I decided to just buy the next one that came up. Now I just wish it was warm enough to shoot.

  6. Those are great bows. I have two of them. I still have and shoot the one I bought in " 76" when I was in junior high and then I happened upon one in a pawn shop years ago for 20 bucks ! They are smooth shooters. I put a 4 or 5 in. piece of velcro the soft loop side between the limb and string where they touch and they are almost whisper quiet and you don't have to use those silencers. I don't like alot of stuff on my bow ! Have fun !!

  7. I contacted the folks at Bear to find out why this bow was discontinued. Their answer, as your post suggests, was a new method of securing the limbs to the riser :
    "We changed to a latch system verses the j-pocket system that was on the minuteman. "
    You do have to be careful that the limbs are completely locked in before stringing.
    All in all I'm very happy with the quality, performace and convenience of this bow.

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