Bear Recurve Bow 45# 1970's vintage

Bear Recurve Bow 45# 1970's vintage

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  1. im 30 years old, and i'm on my way to pick up 3 vintage bear archery bows, one of which is a crossbow lol, because i heard ted nugent on joe rogans podcast talking about Fred Bear

  2. Awesome bow , awesome collection bro . I have a small collection , I collect vintage compound bows . I'm trying to add to my collection but it's an expensive hobby .

  3. Hey mate i think that grizzly is a 73-76 model as i have one exactly the same as the serial number starts with KR and mine is a 50# its a fantastic bow to shoot and i love it

  4. lol I jujst asked a question about this very bow on another video I just watched of yours. I see comments are more recent on this vid, so ill copy and paste it here,

    I just got into archery this week. The guy at cabellas recomended I satart light. He was right im glad I did. But I already want a strong er one even though my arm hurts lol. Anyway theres a 58 inch, Number 45, Grizzly ( I think 45 ) on craigs. I couldnt find it for the life of me so I looked on the other comps history. It says it expired. I dont know alot about bows yet. But if it comes back up ( asking 150.00 ) I want to go look at it and grab it if it is good. My question is. What should I watch out for, As an amature Im inexperianced in buying used bows. where should I look for flaws and such ? what should I check ? it says its from the fifties, from what I can gather it looks like its from the 70s, as far as comparing pictures go

  5. Хорошая борода, у стрелка. И длинные волосы, чем то на викинга похож.:-)

  6. Couple years ago, I got my grandfathers old 60's or 70's Bear Tigercat. Just shot it again, today, and I'm still in love! Getting a new Super Grizzly next Saturday. Would love to go out hunting with the Tigercat, but would hate to have something happen to it, since it has so much sentimental value to me. So, on the wall it goes (which doesn't bother me at all, since it's such a beauty)!

  7. Great bow! I'm glad I found your video.
    How do I care/ clean my Bear recurve? I found my father's old Bearcat 60" 45# bow. It looks to be in great condition with no signs of twisting/ warping or breakage. But it is in dire need of cleaning & cosmetic care. How do I clean off any old dirt/ wax, shine it up and condition it to shoot?
    Thanks in advance for any worthwhile advice you guys can offer on this!

  8. I wouldnt shoot the bow with that string, if something bad happends the bow could crack and get really hurt.
    But nice bow, its Beautiful

  9. I have the same exact bow with a new string but the limbs arent in quite as good condition. Can someone tell me how much they think its worth? Thanks

  10. hey man i go trash picking and i found a bear bow i dont nothing about it lol it says 1953 on it and it 62in i think lol and it says 52# its nice could u tell me what its worth i could send pics

  11. My Dad gave me his bow, same model and colour as yours. Mine's 65lb which is a bit much for me. Very nice bow though. 

  12. Hey brother, I have the same bow but a 50#. I traded a cousin a little snub nose 38 for the bow and 50.00 bucks. I think I got the better deal, i.e., you can't hit a 5 gallon coffee can 20ft. away with a snub nose. Anyway, are these bows worth anything? Are they worth collecting because I have many that want my bow? I never got great at the bow even though I grew up down the street from an archery range. Sad, but too much beer at the range.

  13. Hi, I found a lot vintage Bear bows on ebay and i'm thinking to get one.. Should i be afraid of breakage caused by age etc.? It's wooden after all.. Or it's rather collectible than everyday shooting bow..? Thanks for replies 🙂

  14. I just got my grandpas old Bow its a Bear Kodiak 52" made in 1961 I don't even know what to do with it.

  15. If that 47 is behind the strike plate on the bow than that is the factor marking for the accurate weight of the bow: 47#. They mark them after the tillering and final draw weight check. Most 45# are actually in the 46# – 47# range. Part of the reason is that a bow will loose a pound or two when enough shooting happens. The limbs have to settle sometimes. And yes that bow is a Mid 1972 to 1979 bow CombatArchery and BoarriorBows. ;D

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