1. Me preguntó si esa flaca tendrá fuerza si sus pataditas tendrán fuerza da miedo que se vaya a romper jeje

  2. …все девченки цвет нации земля… …в жизни изредка встречаются исключения из правил, я подозреваю что все люди по разному умеют управлять своим нетленным телом… …большинство находятся в этом плане еще в зародыше как в кокане шелкопряда… … я своими глазами видел как хрупкая девушка похожая на Яну рутковскую ударом с подьема ноги ведро вода перебила через Opel Frontera на высоту примерно второго этажа не поморшившися даже, в правда в состоянии озлобленности на супруга…

  3. Ja też tak umiem a mam dopiero żółty pas i nie uważam że jest to jakieś wspaniałe bo w mojej grupie są osoby które są ode mnie dużo lepsze i też się tym nie chwalą

  4. She does too much leg of the same thing and she turns her back to much and can I see hand not just leg and if she's gonna turn her back when she kicks can it be fast but nice kicks.Impressive

  5. She very powerful with her skills of kung-fu. She real bad ass black belt, no wonder guys around her block supported.

  6. to anyone who thinks those kicks don't hurt… I think they do; otherwise they wouldn't wear body armour in competition, right?
    I've been kicked by an amateur kickboxer during light friendly sparring, with a swift roundhouse kick combo, one rear right-leg kick to the thigh, and the second one to the side of the ribs, impacting with the INSTEP AND TOES. The second one came immediately after the first, but it came from the front position, which should not have much power, but the foot was so fast and already so close to me, that I didn't even see it coming so I didn't react, and it sneaked under my arm. It hurt for 2 months, I couldn't even sleep on that side, blow my nose, not even think about doing crunches.

  7. i hope she is not too confident about her fighting skills, and will never pick a fight against an attacker instead of running.

  8. Serbian girl Sara 🇷🇸 nije sto je nasa al je najlepsa i najbolja. Srbija je zemlja smo sa naljepsim devojkama sa najboljim sportistima i najboljim provodom 😊💪❤🔥🇷🇸🇷🇸

  9. a beautiful lass with awesome kicks.. whats wrong with that..? some ppl are just so salty, always have to hate lol lol.. she worked for it and happens to be blessed by nature, dna.. the more a woman, man or people in general arm themselves w more assets, good on them, they worked for it.. a brad pitt or johnny depp got what they got from hard work and luck, good on them.. noneedtohate

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