Beginner Blacksmith Projects: Forging a Hook – Horseshoe Nail Crafts

Beginner Blacksmith Projects: Forging a Hook – Horseshoe Nail Crafts

18 Replies to “Beginner Blacksmith Projects: Forging a Hook – Horseshoe Nail Crafts”

  1. I gathered up some resources for making these hooks. If you are looking for supplies to make them, check it out:
    Box of 100 (City Head 5):
    Box of 250 (City Head 5):
    Larger horseshoe nails (up to 16 head):
    Small scrolling tongs (
    Propane Torch ( )

  2. Thx for helping us how to see to make some of the smaller and easier things to begin to stock pile inventory to sell later. I appreciate the info you share. God bless

  3. Man this is cool. Thanks. Love metal working I mostly build smokers and fire pits but I’d like to be able to do this kind of stuff. Thanks for showing us. Can you make a video about the jig you use for this

  4. 1:45 So, I am a little confused. It appears your cold working this piece, when your twisting it, but the title of this vid, and the heat marks suggest that you heat it before twisting… so, it's hot worked? Great looking project, none the less.

  5. I have an Amish community all around me so when I start looking it should"t be hard finding nails. Glad I found your channel and thanks for your work.

  6. Are you making these without heat? Just wanted to make sure I was not missing any thing. Thank you for making all your videos, very helpful

  7. I make a lot of these hooks.  I have yet to try and sale any, as I enjoy the making part the most.  I haven't made a jig, as I like doing them individually with pliers.  But thank you for the videos you made on the subject.  Have a wonderful day.

  8. I just happened upon this channel. I was a millwright for 9 years and am looking to get back into metal work. Great little project.

  9. I have tried about 15 of these hooks and they keep coming out very small. Then if I twist them they are even smaller. What am I doing wrong? What is the length of the nails you are using? My tractor supply does not carry the 5 city diamond nails.

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