Beginner Crossfit Workout with Dave Erickson in Spokane, Washington

Beginner Crossfit Workout with Dave Erickson in Spokane, Washington

all right so this is our introductory workout it has two movements first movements gonna be a thruster so with that thruster you're gonna get the bar racked up to the front of your shoulder you're gonna do a full front squat all the way down and then as you're driving up out of squat you're going to press that bar all the way overhead make sure that elbow gets locked out at the top and drive that head's gonna meet the bar second movements gonna be a burpee with the Burpee you're gonna drop completely from throwing on the floor so I'm looking for is that your your chest hips and thighs I'll make contact with the ground then you jump your feet back up to the floor jump and clap while your feet are off the ground so clap overhead feet off the ground yep we're gonna do seven thrusters and then seven burpees as many rounds of that 7+7 as you can in seven minutes all right here we go three two one go seven minutes on the clock gotta get that deep squat start with the squat there you go it's got that one to drive that head through the top three nice four five head through six one more seven nice yeah right there the Burpee drop all the way prone to the floor jump your feet up jump clap overhead there's one two three four five six seven first round in 49 seconds doing good yep keep it flowing two more nice last one okay do the Burpee that's for three more all right there's two rounds yep nice deep squat long together nice don't rest overhead just keep it moving use those legs to rust out the bottom nice there you go nice two more last one all right keep it going quick don't rest [Applause] that's two more keep it together last one all right that's three rounds coming up on the halfway mark time's the enemy get this set down as fast as you can good luck out nice three more two more right into the next rep nice two more there we go it's four rounds keep it moving at the top don't stall out at the top right back down use those legs drive it up there you go nice keep it going yet lock it out bring it right back down lock out back down nice one more very good make a good time you got a shot of six round got keep moving quick got 90 seconds to go yeah keep those feet together jump up two feet there you go jump back two feet anymore you got to go quick you got 55 seconds all right that's five rounds right back to the bar you got 40 seconds here we go grab and go this is it spread to finish here we go 12 seconds pick it up and go five seconds two more reps three two one time seven minutes how many reps to the thrusters did you get great okay so you got five rounds plus three reps

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  2. this is the thing with crossfit its not for beginners at all! to do almost any of these exercises you already need a pretty sound fitness base, same as any really intense training. i remember when i started boxing training years ago, i was what most people would consider very fit, tried to do boxing training for the first time and nearly puked. i would advise any unfit person who wants to try these sort of activities to take your time and build up a decent cardio and strength base before you start. you have to walk before you can run.

  3. Ummm…. Thrusters and Burpees for a first time first day of crossfit class doesnโ€™t seem like something I would introduce right off the get go… my new clients would never come back…

  4. its all scalable – if you can only lift the bar – that's ok – if you can only manage 3 sets – that's ok you are not competing with with anyone else its how you improve over time – eventually you will be able to do this – it takes time

  5. Great vid. I'm going to try crossfit this year. I'm used to the normal weight lifting bench press squats. Curls etc. I'm starting slow and hopefully smart by not doing too heavy and getting hurt. The person looked rather fit and you could tell he was new at it. Smart guy he got a good trainer. Thanks for the vid

  6. 8 minutes of cardio like that without rest it's beginners lollll

    The guy is dead af lol

    A real beginner do that go to the hospital for sure ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. So, was the goofy, out of shape clown and the kid getting in the way in the background part of the plan, or did they just wanna be on tv?

  8. I already burnt 7 kgs from just a normal gym routine.
    My intructor offered me some help to get his free Crossfit program.
    Now watching this… I guess I can do only the burpees I doubt that i can't lift 100lbs.
    In BB press I can only do 20-40lbs
    In BB Squats only 10lbs. I can't barely reach 8 Squats
    I'm currently 210lbs btw.

  9. He did a great job but the guy who was walking around was pissing me off the little boy in the background made the guy who's walking around look bad lol

  10. R.i.p that little kids lower back, give him some proper coaching on those back extensions. Also would it have been so hard for the kid and other guy to go around back of the camera man so they weren't all up in this guys space? Sheesh! I would also like to agree with most everyone else that this does not seem to be for beginners. There are plenty of cross fit workouts that LEAD up to barbell work. Thumbs down for sure.

  11. Good session but i, usually, make sessions based on eight different exercises, repeated six times, each excercise 30 seconds, 10 seconds pause.

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