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  1. from one trainer to another, ty ty ty! for having an actual beginner in ur video! if im looking for ways to teach the posting/sitting trot and canter basics w a beginner I dont want to see an well seasoned rider only!

  2. I love how she’s vary easy going with the girl and how she’s not using a bit this is a vary nice and easy lesson this is how every lesson should be for beginners so they get a feel

  3. She rides better than I do. That's only bc I don't ride. I'm getting a horse and going to do some lessons though.

  4. I understand that the instructor is trying to teach the girl commands, using childish words, but still. DO EAGLE! DO SCISSORS! REMBER USE THE SAY, FEEL, AND KICK COMMAND. I mean honestly come on. Riding a horse is not hard. And clearly the girl doesn’t need those words. The more “scientific” words she says, the faster the rider will learn. I don’t know, but that instructor bothers me.

  5. Lady: Do you know how to lunge?
    Girl: YES
    Lady:ok let’s go show everybody
    Girl: playing with lunge whip!!!!!

    Yeah you totally know how to lunge


  6. Seems like she’s a little early to trot alone… her posting was not looking great…the reason the horse bolted because she kicked him she could have clucked or squeezed him.. it’s cute how you encourage her tho

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