Beginner riding a Friesian horse and learning to plait a tail

Beginner riding a Friesian horse and learning to plait a tail

play some different images as I've been given custody over Apollo I will go and do this till today try to make something nice out of it so just wait and see [Applause] let's see if we can actually plate it up as well which will be ever so and yes is [Applause] that's it till dawn brushed well you still still not as good as a good that's as good as it gets because you still changing his coats so it will have to do like this sorry this videos got a date on it and it's the wrong date good boy what head down now come on head down good boy it's all very exciting isn't it going no no no stem now cuz I feel Bridal ones they're not going to help Bridal that's how I know [Applause] just wants a little bit more contact in that right rain just like you come to the left leg yield over that's it lovely [Applause] not quite straight with that rain look twisting you need to just take your backseat that's it and then you loop your brain under now it's good lovely good boy the beginning I've noticed that Apollo is stepping over the white lines by trotting poles [Applause] so I'll just wait here you'll tuck him down on your own squeeze them in your leg and kick him on if necessary down through no no no don't you be silly Sony just say look don't be silly no no no no no no that just wait for him to come back don't be silly now you've been so good now just stop mr. Lee good boy [Applause] talking away no no don't be shaking with me now stop it head down from the top yes I know it's you may but you have to go behind nota back coming I think we might just go into that turning if you just going start turning that will be good well done they would know if he would they but he was good wasn't he I hope you enjoyed the video TTFN

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  1. Brilliant Rens and Apollo, you’re doing so well, just love the ‘tick tock’ of Apollo’s trot. Made me smile this video 😊

  2. Good for Rens, getting out there. I know what it’s like to have had a bad fall and to try to regain confidence in riding. It’s hard. ❤️

  3. Looking good there rens he does a very good job with apollo there. Ya'll getting better at the ride alone with rens there.

  4. 🐴🐴💙……Beautiful job Rens on the tail braiding!! and the brushing🙌🙌….this was great seeing you two ride together, it always is!!….love Apollo's gait!…and Farouk being a little "naughty" there😂….such a joy to watch!! Thank you and take care!🥰🤗…🐴🐴💙

  5. Enjoyed the video. Apollo and Rens get along very well. Apollo looks like he enjoyed his grooming session and treats! Great to see you both riding together.

  6. Well done, Rens!👍👍👍 and 🥕🥕🥕 for Apollo! 🐶Love pats for Ikie! Great little supervisor! Hope you and Tara enjoyed a nice celebratory glass of wine on the patio later in the evening! 🍷🍷

  7. Slightly worried RENs standing directly behind Apollo..usually I stand to one side..thus any kick..u don’t take full wack..but he seems ok.
    Rens is getting more involved..nice to see.
    Nice video as usual …thanks Tara.

  8. This is how I learnt in the first place I went riding. Out in the open and in fields and open country not an arena. It was more interesting. But I needed to find a place with an arena after a while learn dressage for jumping etc.

  9. Posture! Posture! Posture! Hands together, heels down! There’s SO much to remember when you’re first starting out! Bless him!

    Does Apollo try to take advantage of Rens? Horses are so mischievous – they’ll see what they can get away with. ‘Mum’s not on me – let’s see what Dad will let me do!’

  10. A+ on all counts there Rens. A little more leg muscle control will assist in a more even trot but you are looking really good. Can't wait to see you canter!!!

  11. Rens has got my vote… after he managed to plait Apollos tail… you're very patient with him… and I think Apollo knows hes a beginner x

  12. Rens is doing SO well! And Apollo is an absolute gentleman. 🤭 Farouk was like a mischievous little brother! 😁

  13. This was fantastic! You have a riding partner….hope Rens loves the cantering and galloping as much as you do. One of the hardest things for me is keeping my seat….practice with no stirrups in the arena a lot. I noticed Rens giving treats to Apollo while he is grooming him…..I have to watch with Yelena as she is so food oriented having been a pasture pet for so long. She only gets treats when she is done with her schooling. I see that Apollo is such a gentleman….hehehe. I so look forward to your hacks together in the beautiful moors you live by!

  14. Great to see Rens grooming Apollo, he seems to be accepting Rens as his new partner. Does Rens put his saddle on yet? Lovely to see you both out together.🐎🐎⭐️👌

  15. look at Ike supervising again, it's just so exciting that you two go riding together, look at that, Opollo is stepping over the lines, what a smart boy, but mummy I'm an Arab and must be in front, lol

  16. That’s so nice, you two being able to go out on rides together now. Apollo seems perfectly happy with the new arrangement, too. Well done, Rens!

  17. Do l see the new Vidal Sassoon of the horse grooming world in Rens?!! Apollo does come up like a new pin, looking very sleek – nice one Rens.
    Farouk's face when Rens & Apollo disappeared round the corner for a few minutes – come back !!!

  18. Awwww-great to see! Nice progress Rens👍🏻👏 and Apollo stepping over the white lines!!😀🤣💕 Thanks Tara!

  19. Apollo is telling Rens, to make he looks good, cos of his adoring 🥰 fans. Ike is doing a good job supervising. Just ,moving around Apollo to make sure all has been brushed. Apollo really does a lovely trot very elegant and umm 😐 bouncy. Tara do you still take him out for a canter/gallop.

  20. Rens and Apollo look like they are made for each other. My husband rode an Arab gelding named Trumpet and they looked so great together. They made an excellent pair. I love the confident and caring approach that Rens takes toward Apollo.

  21. It takes sometime with the comb to do those tails!  I use a hairbrush on mine.  LOL  Apollo and Rens are doing wonderful together.  You can see the confidence that Rens is getting now riding him.  It must feel really good Tara for you knowing that they are doing well together.  <3

  22. Great job Rens! I love your attention to detail. Looking far more relaxed in the saddle when walking to. Apollo is bonding well with you as I noticed he was doing his proud look at me walk now with you riding him. Get Tara to teach you the Foot command for stepping over humps like that one in the road. It will become ingrained for later down the road if you find yourself having to step over things and Apollo with learn the command coming from you from the tone of your voice to mind his footing. A high five for a great job and a great ride today!

  23. Nice grooming job Ren, though I think Apollo is wondering what you are doing back there instead of Tara. Glad to see Ik is doing better.

  24. A long held question: Many videos back, you stated you clipped Konig's [that far back!] hock feathers, because you don't like 'feathers.'
    As so many riding breeds are currently prized for the exotic appearance of the built-in 'dust mops,' why do you dislike them? [Never had a horse from a breed with them, but I can imagine feathers may be a royal pain to keep groomed on some horses!]

  25. It's so relaxing watching you both ride. I'd love to take up riding again but it's so expensive. I'm going to start volunteering as a horse leader at a therapeutic riding school this fall. I get to work with horses, help people and get some exercise all at the same time!

  26. Rens, you should never run a comb through a friesians hair, loss of hair isn't good. Find something called cowboy magic and use fingers only. Just a friendly tip. Love you both

  27. Ren is doing very well with Apollo. 👏👏👏
    Farouk doesn’t want to be left behind. Farouk saying mum I want to be in charge & leader, why does Apollo have to lead ?🤗🤗🥰

  28. Hi Tara, you're a great tutor for Rens, he's doing so well, Apollo seems connected to him too, nice relationship there, nice tail braid Rens, love how Ike sits and watches, lol when you sped the film up it looked like Apollo was talking to Rens, his lips going ten to the dozen like a proper little chatterbox, nice that you ride out together you both look great, glad little Ike's back to normal after his ordeal with the wasps, you got yourself three very nice friends there Tara, animals are so much more reliable and loving, big hugs to you all x

  29. Yes thoroughly enjoyed it thank you Tara ☺️ Rens is looking way more at home on Apollo and pretty much the part now 😁👍 And he made Apollo look very handsome with his grooming too. Farouk is funny. He doesn’t get all shifty when other horses are in front of him normally. I think there’s a little sibling rivalry going on 😁😁💗

  30. Well done Rens you look good on Apollo. I am following your progress with great interest and already see a more confident rider. You give me hope that maybe I could try to ride again after many years. Thank you Tara for sharing all your experiences. Best wishes Margaret

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