15 Replies to “Beginner Wakeboarding Lessons: STANCE, SPEED, STARTS. How to Tips & Tricks Instruction”

  1. Hah my company's organising a mystery event.. but hoho.. I got a big hunch it's going to be wakeboarding. Thx for the vid!

  2. Hey guys Iv just been on holiday to Thailand and found a great spot for wakeboarding in Hua Hin iv just uploaded a video please check It out its on my channel 🙂

  3. where can i find that type of binding. id rather a strapped sandle like bind over a boot but unsure of where to look

  4. When you have your knees up to your chest, at the start, are your arms supposed to be to the inside or the outside of your knees?

  5. when you are learning it is better to got a bit slower than faster. Try 12-15 mph to start, then as you progress bymb the speed up a bit. I am about 190 and ride about 19.

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