Beginners Tips Wakeboard – How to Stand Up on Cable

Beginners Tips Wakeboard – How to Stand Up on Cable

standing up is the central part of wakeboarding and while which many beginners find difficult so we're going to give you a few pointers to help on your way first get yourself a positions you should be sat on the dock for your board resting in the water toe side edge just about the surface hold the handle tie to your chest and keep your arms braced keep an eye on when the cable is going to start pulling so you are prepared when the line goes tight it will start pulling keep your arms braced at this point so you don't get yanked forward and try to keep your weight over your board as you are pulled away from the top begin to relax your arms and push upwards into a standing position of your legs as your arms relax our board should begin straighten up keep your weight over board and try to wide array smoothly

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  1. i got this on like my fifth try, but right away i went to jump starts off the dock which are so much more fun

  2. so is that basically keep arms nice and tight to body ready for pull and keep weight on predominantly back foot ??? i'm off for my first session today, trying to get tips

  3. today i went wakeboarding for the first time… i seem to be a natural talent… ;P a whole round at the first try… that was so fun!!!

  4. Je trouve la sortie en bateau beaucoup plus facile pour ma part je suis sorti du premier coup en bateau alos quand cable je n'y arrive pas..

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