Behind the Big Business of Football Gambling: VICE World of Sports

Behind the Big Business of Football Gambling: VICE World of Sports

sitting down to watch a game is an American pastime but betting on one is one of its most controversial debates as pro leagues have been rocked by match-fixing scandals the arrival of an online frontier in daily fantasy sports and the contentious debate over gambling's place in the world of sports we started a year long journey in Vegas get in on the fight to legalize sports back [Applause] [Applause] gambling is a passion it's an addiction for some it's a job today it's one of America's biggest legal questions yet people have been betting on games since the beginning but no amount of laws have kept sports betting within its city limits earning its reputation as an American tradition that lives on the black market even as legislators today but empty change the current laws sports betting is still only legal in Nevada and three other states so with billions of gambled dollars flowing offshore we headed to Vegas during Super Bowl xlix to see how the pros bet on the Seahawks and the Pats [Applause] how do you classify this day Super Bowl Sunday in your business for me it's like Christmas the nation celebrates the fact that we love to bet on sports you have a very involved science it looks like no this is art there's a math element of betting propositions but there's also an art element that's what I love about handicapping is that there's absolutely a math side to it that if you're not paying attention to math you're gonna get slapped around pretty good but when it comes to actually making the decisions of which is the right one to pull the trigger on for any given wager that's all art who do you like today I like the Seahawks today I feel like they have the best opportunity on both sides of the ball to win the football game and me too I think Seattle is a little bit better than New England normally Super Bowl Sunday there's a lot of betting opportunities for a guy like myself it's a pretty sharp guy I'm against the public so my bets aren't pretty they're ugly people don't like my bets people come in with jerseys they're yelling and screaming there's no emotion than what I do I'm sitting here looking like begging for that line and who let down this is just a hundred and ten person so it's really confusing to me you step into the Superbook and you're surrounded by numbers and almost all of it revolves around the line a mathematical point spread between two teams so you're not just betting on who wins and who loses but specifically how much better one team is than the other however confusing it seems one thing is clear your bets got no chance if you haven't done your home either one wins by three you get great odds there's no passion this is business he likes yeah read the bending number and then tell them how much you want to put on over 450 bucks what's a good number that's where being placed minutes a minute through the entire game and while in-game wagering was continuing on the floor we were introduced to Jay Kornegay the vice president of the Westgate superbook Jays at the center of the machine that is sports betting in Las Vegas and from what we saw backstage it's a well-oiled one there's a lot more conversation nationally about the idea of making what you do here legal in more States than just Nevada the state of Nevada only represents about one and a half percent of everything that's wager on these games it's already going on so why not go ahead and regulate it and tax it how much do you think is being weighted illegally on someone's suit ball well I've heard estimates about 3.8 billion dollars just billion with a B yeah yeah B it makes our 119 million dollars very small the Westgate is one of several Vegas bedding sites running the massive amount of action on Super Bowl Sunday but there's no smoking mirrors here all day they've created a line that's changed as wildly as this up-and-down game now all that swinging money's come down to one play in the fourth Seahawks are on the one-yard line and we need them score [Applause] Oh [Applause] I mean elites [Applause] that's up how much money just went back unbelievable life-changing money for maybe the continent tens of billions of hundred billion tens of billions we had three of the best coaches in town and it didn't matter the pros they know it's a grind they have to win 54% of the time to turn a profit but with 300 thousand tourists in town for the game the local economy searched so states like New Jersey where sports betting is illegal see opportunity I'm in Atlantic City and I'm standing in front of two shuttered casinos that's the showboat and that's the revel casino the revel was built for 2.4 billion dollars and it shut down in two years we're gonna find out what sports betting might mean to the revitalization of this place federal government banned sports betting in the in the early 90s it's an underground economy it's over 300 billion dollars a year FBI says maybe even five hundred billion dollars a year illegal betting in the United States let's bring that above the ground let's regulate it and let people enjoy it if New Jersey is able to implement sports betting legally how does that affect your state we have 10,000 people out of work in laxity final for a weekend Super Bowl week any big event you can't get a room in Las Vegas Atlantic City is a ghost town over 10,000 jobs at stake that's huge for a state like New Jersey that's huge for any state the fight for legalization is a fight for changing perception for shining a clear and honest light on a shadowy world leaving outspoken voices like the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban saying what's on everyone's minds I've always been in favor of legalizing betting on basketball culturally it's acceptable it's engrained into who we are you can go to Las Vegas in bet so it just seems not quite right just seems pretty hypocritical that you know everything we do is geared and allowed towards betting we talk about our pools we talk about March Madness and yet it's illegal and so you know when you see hypocrisy when I see hypocrisy like that it just makes perfect sense just to say it's stupid people are realizing that you can't have 300 to 500 billion dollar on the ground industry continue without allowing States to have it and legalize how long do you think it will take for us to see legalization I just I really don't see it I don't see it I don't see a federal blanket legalization of sports betting yeah the fantasy yes I mean I'm in sports betting yeah the sports betting I just don't see it if the laws are open enough for gambling then all kinds of new products will be created and the real future of gambling as it pertains to sports isn't who will win it isn't prop bets I don't even think it's daily fantasy even though that's going to be strong for a while I think it's going to be something that we haven't seen yet because it's gonna be something that hasn't been invented yet you know what this is America you can't legislate morality there will always be betting there has always been betting it's just a matter of whether the government will say you guys gotta hide it or whether they're gonna bring it out in the open and let people play at a level thing

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  1. "Gambling is a passion; it's an addiction; for some, it's a job…" I'm sorry, but no, gambling isn't an addiction. For those who are addicted to it, it's an addiction. Millions enjoy it in moderation without having an addiction.

  2. The reason it's legal in Las Vegas is because Las Vegas is sin city. America was founded on Judea Christian values and is against Jesus and God and the people will not allow this kind of treachery to go on. Next thing you'll want prostitution legalized and same sex marriage and who knows what's after that maybe pet marriage. No way .

  3. Legalizing gambling (like the lottery) is just another way for the rich and elite to rob the poor and needy. Of course Mark Cuban is for it, he's one of the beneficiaries. You think they are dumb that they just wanna give you free money? They built the system to LURE YOU IN AND ROB YOU!

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  5. the idea that gambling is good for the economy is totally nonsense. Probably more than 99% of the money spent on gambling is money that would be spent some other way, and is probably a negative because, when people default on their loans because of gambling, when people get into trouble and lose their job because of gambling, is bad for the economy.


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  9. Soon meth and cocaine and heroin will be legalized….Poor Merica. Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light

    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming? etc…..

  10. if that were a Black Coach "Pete Carroll" that DIDN'T Run the Ball from the 1yrd Line His Black Azz would've been WALKING Back 2 Seattle!

  11. ”Land of the fee” and sports betting is illegal….how sick is that? In America you can buy a gun at a grocery store, get hookers and drugs on every street corner but you can’t place a fucking bet on your favorite sports team. What a retarded country!

  12. I would have liked this more if that bimbo Kelly Stewart wasn't on it. SHE IS A FUCKING DUD STOP THINKING WITH YOUR COCKS GENTS

  13. So…they are Las Vegas “professional bettors” and in Super Bowl XLIX they all bet Seattle to win? How’d that work out for them? And they sell their picks/advice to the general public because they are supposedly “pro’s” and in the know? What a racket, sign me up.

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