23 Replies to “best agricultural fencing tips – TIP N°2”

  1. Why not just use the product in this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9U4N2x1jY8 Contractors and farmers in the area I farm love it and put me onto them for my small hilly beef farm. Keep up the good work.

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  3. The wire may never rust , but those wooden posts will ROTT off at ground level due a constant level of moisture in the ground !

  4. chris it is an anchor like chunk of timber that helps keep the post from lifting. what id like to know is now that its 2016 and this was done in 2011, is the post still in the ground?

  5. How does the wire attached to the foot work? Why is it strained upwards?

    I would just hire a post hole borer and chuck some quickset in.

  6. Kind of talking and instructing everyone through the video would have been really helpful. Not everyone knows what's going on in that video and when you are giving a tip it's best to talk through it if you can or voice over it.!

  7. OK for a start this wire is top quality fuck ma n the wire will never rust will last for a 50+ yrs and the footing he used works just like an anchor it keeps the post from lifting up out the ground when under strain. Oh yes an how do I know well I was born in new Zealand , land of the best fencer's in the world .

  8. and jeguim123 this could possibly be the boundary fence thats why its not hot and has 9 wires + makes it more stock proof 

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  10. Depends what type of treatment the wire has. You can also attach the wire above ground by using a longer foot if so desired. The principles are still the same.

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