Best Agricultural Fencing Tips

Best Agricultural Fencing Tips

we got teen stuff and total we've got a contracts manager who works off-site he does all the plae GST book work budgeting etc and then I've got an Operations Manager whose prices the work and does mostly organising I still do a little bit of pricing in a little bit of organizing but my favourite but on the tool Sai I roster myself i'm and going yeah mark guns lend a hand and get into it which is which is quite good for training and it's it's good good overall for everyone really yeah and so how long have you been fencing and how did you sort of get into it started in 2004 as a limited liability company I was training for two years as a sole trader before that and my school holidays in uni holidays or I worked for an elfin Blenheim when all the vineyards were gone pretty hard out and then once I finished uni oh yeah yeah Rocklin do it and I wasn't gonna wasn't gonna do it forever but here we are here in I'm planning on doing it for a long while we eat yeah and having good stuff and the team must be you know good a good thing paramount absolutely paramount it's my granddad always used to say you're only as good as your wish stuff mean burning he's dead true so I'm fortunately I'm very blessed we've got a really good crew guys and they do their job well and yeah that's you got to have the good stuff yeah and sort of over the twelve years of infancy what sort of innovations and technology if you're seeking sort of progress we've seen a mountain of innovations some we've done ourselves and some are gone well some gone not so well but it's a fairly mundane sort of a job and and it can be fairly physical as well so like I said before I'm pretty keen on doing this for a long while yet so we've got to make it easy so I can do it when I'm 60 we've seen a lot of innovations in terms of post driving technology that that's changed a lot the the the manufacturers of post drivers of the last decade of certainly gone out to the market and found out what what is required out there and this there's a there's a lot of good innovations there with spiking and anything that's hard you know there used to be many many manufactures of post drivers that could work post them to and test pretty soft stuff but just that the all growing in there and the spiking technologies has really really changed a lot you know for the better we've seen a lot of innovation with stapling as well stockade or formerly PES load of left put a lot of R&D into it it's there again very mundane sort of a job so the quicker and better you can do it the quicker and easy you can do it the better it kind of the stockade you have had quite a bit of a history you've sort of started with the the first models and now you've got the the four hundred here yeah so the two types of guns that Paisley put out our one for stapling posts lot lot we've got here and the the second of course is the battening guns now we started off with a with a battery in gas two point five millimeter baton gun which was which was good but it was the staple diameter was two to narrow and the staple was just didn't work very well and they was a hard job for us to sell to the farmers they liked the three one five barbed bettin staples so progressed from there we went to the 3.15 bettin gun that was a good gun but it was compared by compressor which was which was very limiting so if you if you see the Bulls at the ANP show get led around by the by the the master of the ring or whatever well that's what you are with a with a with a compressor gun you you're on the end of a halter and it's it's very restrictive and you can't work efficiently or quickly with it so it's only really just a slight stick better than in hammering and stapling the next best innovation was making that three point one five millimeter baton gunnin to her and to a gas powered gun which I've done and done very well so you can take off the halter and the lead and and you're free to go you're free to roam which is which is excellent so then of course they've got the st-400 which there again started as a compressor operated tool and it it's gone into being powered by gas now which do again as as excellent and so yeah we used to take a motorbike along the line with a compressor and loaded all up it was really a two-man job depending on how quickly you were going and how much hose you head out but the other the st-400 eise's an excellent tool it really is spit up your fencing times as well absolutely absolutely we're done aligned on Sunday that we did three hundred meters and I was like half an hour was under stupid it was so so it was wonderful really what got us home earlier what sort of voice would you give people that want to get into fencing honesty is the best policy go out there be honest work hard price the work like it should be you know you might not get every job but if you price the price of enough so you're still in business next year but you're not ripping them off and and you get a good reputation and just triple at it it'll it'll happen

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  1. Should rename the video: Biography of a fencing dude and history of his fencing jobs…but no tips in the title, because there are no tips in the video. Thanks for wasting my time.

  2. It must be wonderful to have a digger prepare the ground before you start. there cannot be that many customers prepared to finance that.

  3. A new pole shape like a screw make putting up pole easily,during demonstrations the contractors simply screw the pole into the ground and proof strong and reliable.

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