Best Biryani in KARACHI?! & Horse Riding on Pakistani Beach πŸ’›

Best Biryani in KARACHI?! & Horse Riding on Pakistani Beach πŸ’›

36 Replies to “Best Biryani in KARACHI?! & Horse Riding on Pakistani Beach πŸ’›”

  1. There is a small street vendor in lalo khait. Its on the petrol pump side next to the pedestrian fly over. Once in the street he is next to a mosque on a women four wheeler cart. Try his beef biryani. I can guarantee you that is the best. Trust me I have had hundreds of places biryani in all over Karachi. Kashif Dubai. [email protected]

  2. Definitely there is a team work behind every vlog but believe me you are doing a great job even we are not doing for our country best wishes and love from the whole country
    We salute you….
    Special thanx!!!!
    Usman Aslam

  3. Eva are you real ambassador of Pakistan. We love you all.

  4. Thanks #Eva for coming here and explore the beauty of Pakistan. Your all videos related to Pakistan are amazing

  5. I would recommend beef biyani from Galaxy Foods FB area, chicken/Beef Biryani from Ghosia Foods(with Nalli) in Liaquatabad, and from Anwar Balouch near Qaidabad. These are the ones which I prefer over others.

  6. If you want to try best biryani then you must visit Hyderabad again, there are couple of spots for best biryani. like Hamid Biryani (Unit No. 8, Latifabad, Hyderabad), or Yadgaar or Akram Biryani (Unit no. 11, Latifabad)

  7. Have you seen Pakistani people killing their own in balochistan or any other part of it? Like if Pakistani army is killing mass groups in any other state of Pakistan..

  8. Hello Eva I suggest you to go for Madni Biryani in Buffer Zone Karachi which is the Best Biryani and also eat Haleem from Mazedar Haleem located in Samnabad Karachi. Also try Bun Kebab (Local Burger) from street stalls.

  9. I love Karachi. One of cheapest city in the world. Karachi never sleep. Big city with the population of 25 millions.

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