22 Replies to “BEST Conditioning Drills for Sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball & Soccer”

  1. I have on month and I’ll keep doing these about everyday so I can get conditioned before summer and so I can burn the fat gain speed and be a running back or linebacker instead of a lineman I think I have hope thanks tho

  2. Great workout drills! I'm definitely going to try them out! As a firefighter, do you think these workouts will help with cardio and conditioning?

  3. I'm 9 and this helped me due to that I'm about to start football for my first time. Thank's a lot this helped a ton

  4. Shit I haven't been conditoned since high school I'm 25 now. I just started lifting 8 months ago again after cancer I put muscle on but I need to be more conditioned.

  5. The shuttle drill has helped me a tun due to the fact I play left tackle and I have to do alot of pull plays and it helps with speed ut of instead of starting in a standing stance I get into a 3 point stance to start just a tip to my fellow linemen

  6. I do drills like this in my backyard and even in my room. I've been doing them for like 8 years for football they work really good. I've slacked on leg workouts but I'm still building good muscle from shuffles

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