41 Replies to “BEST RANGE BAG FOR THE MONEY – UTG Shooting Range Bag Review”

  1. Where can this bag b purchased? Seems it is no longer being made. Examples on Ebay seem 2 b cheap knockoffs…

  2. I think they copied the 5.11 bag and had to discontinue it. I bought mine from Amazon last year (2018) for about $60. You cant find them anywhere online anymore except for the $400 on being sold on Amazon.

  3. Wait, how do you make a knockoff bag, and charge 4 times the amount for it? This is the 5.11 Tactical Range Bag. It can be purchased on Amazon for $100. I know because I have the exact same bag in black.

  4. Serious shooter need wheels on a bag, not more pockets, cleaning mats, or anything else that creates dead weight. To carry.

  5. Wait, there are two. One is the Ultimate Competition Bag, the other is just range/utility bag. Which one is this?

  6. “Take my word for truth” lmao most of his other videos are sponsored, in his own words, untrustworthy and untrue.

  7. Just became a patreon for GLshooting.. just wondering if we will be seeing items consistently in stock in your online store any time soon?

  8. Nice looking bad. I like some of the features.

    I have a GPS which is really nice also. Before you give that bag away you might want to get a GPS and compare them as they seem to be in a similar price range and build and feature category (although all of the cool features on each don’t seem to overlap)

  9. I have the 5.11 bag that this bag copied. This has 2 casing containers where the 5.11 comes with 1. This has 2 interior handgun zipper pouches where the 5.11 doesnt come with any. This bag gas the fold out cleaning mat, which youll never use, where the 5.11 doesnt. The 5.11 looks to be a little sturdier & better made though than this bag. I dont know…for the extra $25 bucks my 5.11 bag has been AWESOME so far & EXTREMELY well-made. Ive had it loaded up with a lot of weight & its handles it easily.

  10. Good looking bag for sure. Looks lije and has features like my quality Midway USA range bag that i think i picked up for $49. i dig the crimson…nice touch.

  11. Weapons Shield Brother. UTG Pro Buttstock is excellent for budget AR. I also like the UTG Sniper AR Grip. And before you knuckle heads say anything I also own a Mark 18 by Daniel Defense with BCM Lower cause I don’t like the DD Grip and Giessle Rail rather than the RIS Rail

  12. UTG seems to offer good value on all of their stuff. Thanks for the review. Definitely will give it serious consideration.

  13. Is this the same size as the 5.11 bag? I already have the 5.11, wondering if this is the same size or not

  14. Bro looks dope! May have to upgrade for that price. That's super reasonable. Any experience with Voodoo range bags? Any opinion one way or the other?

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