Best Sports Bloopers 2017

Best Sports Bloopers 2017

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  1. 2:45 it's a 10ft. rim, he must've jumped about…9 and half feet. LOL! This dude should be an Olympic high jumper.

  2. I'm sorry but kevlar steroid rugby isn't a sport, it's an American idiocy.

    It's so fucking silly that it's not even funny.

  3. 7:48 apparently the cycling blooper is that it wasn't the last lap of the race (hence the bell ringing to signal last lap). He let everyone catch up on the last lap and lost.

  4. This is stolen from Savage Brick Sports video:
    Reported. (I would, but I don't own the original)

  5. boy I sure do love an advertisement literally ever 2 minutes for the entirety of a 15-minute video.

  6. i meant sports not american football there must be something wrong with youtube… you know because fuck american football up the ass.

  7. 5:01 "Hey Jim I have to go drop a deuce can you hang this banner for me?" "Sure Bob you can count on me." 20 minutes later…"God damnit Jim you had one job"

  8. Why is it 2017 bloopers if Collins chaulk retired for the fort Wayne komets way before 2017

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