22 Replies to “Best Sports Moments of All Time”

  1. This is total disrespect… put USA Sport on your title, nobody care about ? NFL or baseball outside of USA, put actual football if you want a true top of best moment in sport since it's watched by 3 billions of people and not 300 million…

  2. My favorite all time is the cards winning the NFC championship ,fans since they came here to Phoenix had to wait 20 years and they finally made the super bowl but you have something against Arizona teams so you don't put that in…

  3. How can the best moment of sport that is popular only in one country ors two be one of the best of all time? There is no sport that is more popular than football (soccer)..

  4. Why are they all American? I agree they are great but it should say best "American" sports moments of all time. Just saying! The rest of the World has even better sports moments. Some countries even compete against each other America!!! OMG!!!

  5. Should have put the Chris Davis one im not an auburn or Alabama fan but that's my favorite rivalry in sports and that play was amazing

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