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  1. Fastest serve @ 00:50, backhand serve @ 5:35, regular pendulum @ 14:07.
    This concludes the serving series. Hope you got something useful out of it. Now it's Q&A time!!

  2. This is phenomenal tutorial i am watching it over and over many times.
    Now, can you extend this tutorial to how to reply to all this great services.?
    Thank you and THANK YOU VERY MUCH.!! 🙂

  3. Can someone please explain how to read his backhand serve? I can’t tell when it’s topspin or backspin, the motions look very similar

  4. I've recently started playing and I've noticed that people have a hard time with my backhand serve. I'm left handed and I find it difficult to find a good serve without putting a lot of backspin on it or my opponent easily returns it. I'm searching for new techniques.

  5. 😄Great stuffs very helpful but what is with the sound of the balls on the floor they sound all like broken? 😄😄😄

  6. I need help. I use PH grip, which feels better than SH. I tried all of the serves in your vids and the backhand, fastest and reverse tomahawk don't seem to translate well to PH. My reverse tomahawk i am fine with but the others a cannot do at all. Please help.

  7. dima starts so low because as a child he did the serve from the same position but then he started to grow and had to go down

  8. You asked: "Why does Ovcharov stand low on his backhand serve." What goes low (i.e. the body) can come up and as he raises his body into the ball, Ovcharov creates more top spin if he choses to use this motion to support his top spin serve at the right time.

  9. Круто. Вот это подачи. Буду пересматривать и пересматривать.

  10. I'm train serve like Ma Long(pendulum with medium high toss)but i dont have enough spin ? How to add more spin in this type of serve in this montions?

  11. Hey. Would you recommend to put three fingers on the handle when serving backspin or the pendulum serve? I noticed lately that I get more spin if some fingers on the handle (as you mentioned for power), then they act as a lever and give me better and more stable acceleration of the bat.

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