Best table tennis training tool on the market

Best table tennis training tool on the market

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  3. why there is no girl vs boy tournament ? im no way near a pro but i think ball max speed could be the same from boy and girl ? it's not like in tennis were the ball have almost no air restriction for that reason boy can't play against girl ,it would be a massacre .no1 female would be easily beaten by a top 200 and even lower

  4. Personally, a trainer or partner would be the best, but thats just my opinion as Im not a certified anything, just a not-too-bad district player with several winnings only. This is because I think that robots just arent that up to par with a human. With a partner or trainer, you are required to read their hand movements and overtime, you develop a sensory image I guess even before an opponent hits the ball and you already know where it should go and the amount of spin. The robot doesnt help with this. Also, the trainers or partners might realise any mistakes while you are doing the stroke and correct you there and then. I went to clubs where they just set up these machines and the coaches come to look once in a while. They certainly are not helping the players who want to train.

  5. The amount of spin is just amazing, the only thing it's missing is changing its position thus shooting from different angles and distances, maybe heights also.
    But overall, great machine.

  6. Using machines in training is debatable. On the one hand it allows the athlete to respond as they would during a match scenario (Action fidelity). However, there is low functionality; this relates to the information constraints. For example, you are responding to a machine/stimuli and not an actual athlete, therefore there is no opportunity to read bodily cues for instance.

  7. Players use opponent's movement to determine the ball spin directions which the machine does not provide. You probably won't go very far using this machine.

  8. Wrong!! Your best tool is a good coach that know good techniques and development skills. With robots u dont know how the ball has been hit, whether it's angles, speed, technique unlike multiball. With multiball it's more realistic, u can see how the attacking stroke was developed and the specific ways in how to counter it, whether is is changing bat angles, technique, etc. Coach can give u advice on how to counter it and y u lose the ball. Coach multiballing can be free or cost, u can get a friend to multiball u!

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