Best Workout Music 2019 🔥🔥 Never Give Up

Best Workout Music 2019 🔥🔥 Never Give Up

you're never gonna make it there's a million other people with the same cell you really think you different and you must be kidding think you gotta hate it but you just don't get it it's impossible stop irresponsible too many obstacles you gotta stop you gotta take as though you can't be a prototype don't you tell me what to do I don't give a damn it is a problem and I'm gonna make it so fuckin – it's all these opinions and all these diseases they come in and notice they bark in your kitchen but not you can listen as city's on fish and get you all the covers – you're trying to make it there's no way that you make it maybe you could fake it but you never gonna make it but you just got it I'm taking all of that Archy scarlet rain there's no way that you make maybe you could fake but you never gonna make it but you just gonna take just coming [Applause] a hundred go caddy 100 go caddy a hundred Trexler mister we fuckin county 100 go get it a hundred go counted a hundred tracks never miss the we fuckin counted that's just total right they can't keep us quiet oh just call me a pilot cuz we ma being out United oh then we came to work and we came to play work hard play hard almost every fuckin day like it's the play check out the track is insane Oh get the hell out my lane I'm just a come on my piece can we do this shit every week on bit with that shit on repeat oh I'm going I'm rolling and put in this show when I hit him with these from they don't know the next one they think that I'm broken I causing commotion no need for promotion I'm saying a motion I keep the default in the words that are spoken and win is the slogan so call that you're frozen that's like the ocean we pretzels in motion this is and we about to blow look at me ready for the press [Applause] acted like you waited Mitchell walked into species don't let others make you get some tempest button I said I got some money give me five years and I dug what a bunny come on go ahead and finish all better Sparky go ahead and get all bunched oh fuck oh fuck you rated or you cuz I think that you know I could give a fuck if I died today Bamako crowd it's my fucking rain and this'll go crowd with some prior to my name with the white gray that's Bob fucking joking sleep better can speak you were the best to me see that you haven't seen the rest to me fucking guarantees this shit's gonna be my destiny and I won't ever sleep till I make it nano question I like to see I feel ready but my legs happy I don't get it I haven't hit it already still working I'm still learning I'm still switching finally learning something finally turning something called a profit if I hear you talking shit don't get caught in it I'll be popping off and hit your head dropping now you're shit here I promise this I got promises you ain't stopping this cross my shit you'll be knocked unconscious bitch that's the consequence I got this will knock with a launch quick and I'm God it's just a matter of time before I'm over the fire and moving on to my prime just with my nine alive I'm rocking they watching cuz it's dropping dropping Bobby stop chanson so strap in it's time to live my life it's time to live my dad wish I could slow down time and just enjoy Jabberwocky granny bra I swear to God I got it I got it rocks when I'm balling like a student I'm working on a movement well your way cuz I'm in the zone and you know that I'm ready for the shows how we close I don't know but I'm going until I'm shows one here I go all these people want to know what you think it then they they do you really love me or do you really hate me on a scale of one to ten what would you rate me by the social media has got me going crazy baby everything's inflated mainly everyone's invaded privacy is naked I'm not really hated god I really hate it I just wanna make it all this fake shit living in the real life looking for some real time talk about the real climb passionate and real Brian single time bad for my mind upon taking back my fucking life I just wanna live Champa one Ducati bro I swear to God I never will fake it till I make it what the fuck you take it take it back from these writers playing tracks for the trailers up Sebastian that's when it happens Bakshi take action crapped in there tapped exactly no place in my face in the Primus about David shit appointment to distract beep wraps like a heart attack that's fatal card impacts past painful spots impact our blast a soul box impact my backup my I suspect on that scrap reassess act attack with every words inactive class that they share me said I got nothing to lose cuz I bought and felt the bruise now I'm not the one confused call the shots and they produce ain't awesome finally rules pick a new so birds running the new suppose be true a new abused to be in use everybody wants a piece now talk arrested piece that you're dead to me so he sell remember your discrete keep ready for defeat left uncle make you breathe out listen no repeat now and without all a week then it up and make a change don't remember yesterday if you got something to say to meet your mama for your grave cuz your life is just the same ain't nobody gonna change everybody stays the same so be different make the same host I keep on moving forward I was getting closer marching – it's over and just like a soldier keep on moving from martien to myself it's ridiculous some skin in this particular sand limitless world under selfishness shit got hits apologize instead I see one of their artists quickest people don't provoke a shit they love to hate but hate to live society you swinging minute and honestly I didn't promise me you won't regret it wasted energy forget it don't look back go on and get it break the bullet just a bit bite your tongue you don't say shit make directions hard to miss be a legend not a myth kid obnoxious phantom conscious reppin goddesses promise try to harness as an artist a modest its unborn quest I will not quit till ten thousand people coming off without drop this I gotta make it with a condom break you that sweet I gotta pick a balance in this age but the crowd cuz I got it figured out I'm just honest and I'm loud saying bodies but I'm proud no I've never had a child move in forward march into this just like a song actually I'm moving from getting closer so what I need every single day I'm heading off to my dream and I did everything that I damn well please I don't give a damn while this end of me is I'm running I'm the only one that really wanted I'm the only one that's really taught it I'm just being honest I'm assuming everything I promised everyone ended up that I'm i make it as an understand I know that this one is and I know I'm not the luggage but I promise you the Nama be the one that work the hardest cuz I promise you that I'm just getting started and I promise you know my skills to keep suffering so imma get it now I'm gonna keep retarted get the party started yeah get the party started just let me get up on it shit bitch you got me fucked up I don't know what's up where that shit in my cup so bad it sounds like we're sold out in front of a whole crowd faint ishutin personally everybody got a different version of me everybody got to be learning from me everybody gonna be worth with me and I feel like there's uncertainty and urgency to find out what you wanna be but honestly when she reminds Natalie's to stop you wanna be failure ain't an option so why be cautious I hope that you're watching don't try to stop this to work until I'm nauseous because I will not quit no because I want this to stop [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] there ain't an option so why be cautious I hope that you're watching don't try to stop this I'm working till I'm nauseous because I will not quit no because I want this don't try to stop [Applause] let's go do the impossible responsible phenomena up to the top here I don't think I've chosen to be the king of rock think the people who spoke getting near the tick tock up the clock I'm in Mouse shape so now I'm gonna pop causing all this commotion sometimes I think that I'm unstoppable ready to go man knocking love love that's right I swear to God that I could try to draw I got shot and I stopped and down that's how I know that on the stomach I don't care what they all say imma do the same way big grinding hard on it all day we work hard then we don't play I'm addicted to the crime man so but a few ways top man one day it all will be fine man try to commit to the with the kid is setting records every minute every crack in addiction to the back when it's new we need a turtle place time-domain time all these people wanna make my while you sitting there complaining I'll be training while you sit in there just wait and sometimes I think that I'm ready to go man that's right I swear to God I can throw I got shot a nice topping job that's how I know that I'm a star hi no God no chief to spend my see my money I can blow up of my bros before hoes you already know I've got it wherever we go way to tell Bo all right nothing No I got my throat so we know no God no cheek to spend my see more money I can blow up of my bros before hos already know I've got a brothers no Roberto I got my drug yeah it's our time to shine show that's the kind of state of mind you gotta combined with hard-working time you gotta climb to the top don't let yourself drop to your heart stops let this beat rock got a new clock in a new rock say say taking that crown from you break it on taking that crown from you go into the bath now I'm never slowing down enough No works like a weapon attack with no questions in my own section and they still disconnected cuz their minds been infected and they're filled with objection to fill for recollection so we're losing all attention because I'm feeling let's go up to the you always felt like when everybody please they don't even now I'm ready taking every day to the point I throw up cross me oh yeah I don't know how you always felt like when everybody that's right [Applause] [Applause] she's got some say your body maybe so man she liked to keep the party way these rumors got me feeling I want that body baby show me body so man [Applause] [Applause] got a buddy [Applause] yeah straight out of the door now who can stop this I get fucking chronic July it's fucking toxic like an alcoholic logic but if catastrophic like you psychotic Quran and co-actors even though I wanted Twitter man she timed it so I got a gun on episode and everybody knows that we defenseless Throwdown parties in the subtle town we get you so bad party with the whole crowd together so they're taking the way down all kids ever slow yeah for must sit out in the there they go now yeah welcome to myself is this my hometown right [Applause] you go Jimmy on the way I can but you know what – toady up drop it don't save enough shoppers oh my no one puts you to make Bobby know the focus never slows yeah for my seed out in the open so you know now there they go now give up to myself it is my I'm excited right it out I'm excited right are you the present or the future are you a drinker or a boozer are you lose and I said that I would never back down and I said I would never get now are you the present or the future are you a drinker or are you a keeper or use are you that I would never back down in that second I would never back defects cheer I never take doubt as a lesson I never second-guessed take negativity Henrietta I found my mom glad to attention so why be just fine don't be wasting any time with discretion I'm on this campaign like I'm running an election I brought the champagne like we're not in a recession I feel no campaign ibuprofen is the blessing feeling pumping through my veins got me feeling like I'm flexing yet I'm in motion I'm obsessive like the ocean I'm relentless no promotions don't progression overdosing on these lessons and these words my only weapon cuts you deep over here threaten feel the heat and all the tension need relief from this recession but I keep myself reflecting because I creep over obsolescence I don't sleep enough you left it every second is impressing you got no time to be depressed on this crime you always stress so I work harder than the rest Eloise I can count on y'all else and I do not need was there to show I don't ever doubt my itself I can count on no one else and I do not need your help was told to show so watch me watch me [Applause] yeah I swear to God if you want it then you got to get cuz when I'm on my jet and no I will not regret it you only got one night one shot to let slip away today get up and make a big change huh do decide to run future I'm loser on the bitch always super consumer or will you be a butyl you haven't single capture we go back to make get off your ass and take some atrophy start acting like you want to sit compassionate compassionate too many people want this shit it's not enough you're talented you have to fucking grab it I'm sick of being at it Quinn another college graduate just looking for an advocate so high your meter what ticket 7 it you needed to get after in these people they don't matter shit I can count on you one else and I do not need joy I don't ever doubt my self I can count on no one else and I do not need your help towards the show not watch me watch me so [Applause] so like we will sparks and we coming up like the modern-day mall sorry yeah we get lucky with the ladies like we're deaf bum this is how we party it's a slam dunk G easy man this shit and fucking random who's not a DJ but that motherfuckers handsome bout to be devoted to this meeting to search it up and make this motherfucker transform [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I'm on so many levels like a beach game I can make that now spell his name return because of the Applejack I brought you now and I need you Jack you eyeball the ball like a marshmallow hey just trying to fly like a phoenix hello don't let me down with chain-smoker let's take a selfie baby get in closer I'm a bet in this damn company yes the win just like that working with the best ones I'm just playin let's be respectful under control if I'm in the less so I can make your guttenberg machine again DJ snake knows what I mean and lastly you wanna steal the show like a ghost we see prior star yes so like in live like we will sparks and we coming up like the modern day ball sorry yeah we get lucky with the ladies like we're deaf pawn this is how we party in the city fucking random who's not a DJ but that motherfuckers has some about to be told and turn this beat into a sand so I'm about to switch it up and make this motherfucker transform now fuck that [Applause] [Applause] it should be a damn juicy SP is where the STT party so recklessly they get the best of me that's where it's happening you better strap in cutsies ladies bad 10 it's the best for life that's right you gotta live it up to live it right yeah I'm fuckin snacks party till I'm black fuckin undergrad I never gonna pass I never going back I never going back they party y'all it's the best that's right you gotta live it up to live it right yeah I'm fuckin smack party till I'm black fuckin undergrad I never gonna pass I never going back I never going back and I'm sipping on some jokes jokes jokes and Bey check I'm sleepy awesome Joe someday she's feeling [Applause] [Applause] in the

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  1. Your never gonna make thats just jibber jabber the more people say that the more you are determined to achieve in life just NEVER GIVE UP

  2. Who want good motivation for the gym 💪 like real good motivation just say me in the coments and i send you my link its on Spotify.

  3. 1 like = 5 push ups and 5 squats

    1 reply = 5 sit ups

    I need this to motivate myself to workout. thanks
    Let's try this 😉

  4. Update: I had some people asking me on my other post (wich as vanish and I can't find it) how my revenge body was going… Well it's been two moths now I think and I learned something, at the beginning, I was angry and I wanted to look like the girls who had always (and still put down), I wanted to look like an instagram model, I wanted to be so beautiful that my boyfriend would only look at me and not others. And one day I was running and I just broke down … I stopped and I cry for good 2 hours I still don'y know what happened but now I am not doing for them or to prove people wrong , Im not going for revenge anymore and I am glad to tell you guys that im slowly becoming my own wonderwoman na dI don't give two sh*t about what people think about me now because I am who I am and now im becoming proud of me for that !

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