Beverly Hills Cop 2 (2/10) Movie CLIP – Shooting Gallery (1987) HD

Beverly Hills Cop 2 (2/10) Movie CLIP – Shooting Gallery (1987) HD

hi I'm Carla fry assistant manager how are you Carla nice to meet you beautiful place you have here my name is uh Richard James and it's very nice to meet you Russ could I see you for a minute be right back take your time Russ man that's a big bitch

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  1. That laser is hilarious. I can’t believe how far that stuff has come, from a 10 pound battery pack like that to batteries that last for months now.

  2. As I kid, I always imagined that Lethal Weapon and Beverly Hills Cop were set in the same universe. Used to come up with great crossover scenarios in my mind.

  3. Don't worry Eddie, that b*tch is about the same height as you without those godammed stupid 4 inch heels (typical feminazi). And boy is she ugly.

  4. Guy in the grey sweatshirt who plays the Gun Club manager was Curtis Willard, the local Doctor in The Walton's, marries the eldest Walton daughter!
    Judy Norton was a hell of a lot hotter than Bridget Neilsen

  5. Uhh… these clips are out of order. First there is the "Explosive research." scene then the shooting scene.

  6. They remind me of the games of American Laser Games: MAD DOG MCCREE, CRIME PATROL, SPACE PIRATES, WHO SHOOT JOHNNY ROCK etc.

  7. Eddie Murphy made me laugh when he lied to Brigette Nielsen about his name. He said my name is Richard James LOL. He tried to stand up tall on his feet so he could be the same height as Brigette LOL. He made me laugh when he shot his gun at the shooting gallery hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  8. That laugh! Classic! I remember impersonating that laugh to my sister when I was a kid but I was no where near as good as Mr Eddie Murphy though. 😀 <3

  9. Can't find the Bogamil shooting scene on YouTube. Someone should upload it, definitely important to the film.

  10. Why did he only have 3 rounds in his weapon? The slide stayed back after the last shot indicating it was empty.

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