32 Replies to “Big & Rich – Save A Horse [Ride A Cowboy] (Video)”

  1. Idk why but this shit has been stuck in my head all got damn morning and I don’t even listen to country lol

  2. Ya know I'm pretty much a classic rocker but I love these two guys man this is a combination of country rock and even a touch of hip hop throwed into one kick ass song ! And always a good video to go along with it !!!!!!

  3. My older sister explained this entire song to me when I was really little. I remember enough of what she said to know this wasn’t really about horses. I still listened to it, anyway. 😂

  4. Big and Rich have some cool tunes. One of my favorites is Big Time, I did a cover on my channel at https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8PorGJDirdA. I would love if y’all would check it out and subscribe if you like. Thanks so much!

  5. These two talentless pansies suck hard. They also like licking trump’s ass. Pieces of trashy shit.

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