Bigfork Montana vlog | Echo lake wakeboarding | Dani Walker

Bigfork Montana vlog | Echo lake wakeboarding | Dani Walker

as always it is gonna be called the one day that we are going to the wake which is tomorrow I'm like there it is currently groaning okay so yeah you get shrimp no thank you you go to Burger Goldberg burgers Emily purchased this she's being so good today I'm so proud of you let's give Emily a big and I'm eating this well I get a thumbs down like applause it's bad in so many different ways like came back I'm trying to just get through it we're gonna try wakeboarding for the first time hi how's it going I'm drew Hollinger with 504 Academy we were out here on Echo Lake learning how to wakeboard week surf today you wanna learn more about it you can look me up fly head wakeboard Academy calm or on Facebook fly head wakeboard Academy and at fayed wakeboard academy on instagram yeah thank you drew we're excited I think you'll be surprised how easy it is but you were 13 yeah but not much has changed so I can't follow directions it's fine like that with both pulls you up stand up extend your legs and come turn to that right side start cutting up you will enjoy it trust me we are ready whenever you are you got that you in the water do the pitas float in the water flow how do you feel feel defeated I did not expect to stand up your son that was impressive I think this is more like art our style will just be we'll just hang out here guys and right can we do that why don't we can just sit oh I just hit the camera Oh anyways guys so that was a beautiful day at the lake thanks to Drew and others Kimberly she's running out there but oh that's that's our ride but look at the lake and now we must say goodbye or downtown today to get some food for lunch we're really sore from wakeboarding though this whole side is in pain we're at five on lacta names we're eating lots of good healthy things – our cheese rolls I mean I'm eating cheese rolls emily is eating only my good babies a shag pageant oh my goodness she's getting away today we're hiking the M which is something that you have to do if you come to Missoula it's it's just the thing and it's actually great 10:00 a.m. it's not really hot outside so it's nice trip okay guys I get your booty workout in all the pageant girls out in Missoula come on out it's so beautiful out look at this yeah it's actually out this is all of its splendor and there's a lot of smoke over there but we made it and here's the M it looks so pretty with the Sun you can see sunbeams here nothing and here's Emily right now we're sweaty oh look at how cute so aesthetically pleasing after a good hike there's nothing better than some acai bowls so we're here at Mountain berry Bowl you're mixing us up something delicious today I got good medicine this is how you should treat your body friends like you should treat yourself to wonderful things like this your food should be your medicine so you don't have to take bad medicine later you know yours is cute too oh my gosh what did you get heavens pika house coconut and almonds and OB probably in some flour honey oh good man you got I don't even know you guys it's self-explanatory I know what's in there but he's only just out well I'm not competing I'm not competing okay maybe they thought it was some other wonderful type of nut maybe that you right it was just yo just not it wasn't shoutout to Liz version teaching meat cow cow and the first thing we're gonna do is eat of course for the first thing rating of the bear is or our pulled pork sandwiches we have a lemonade and I added sauerkraut mine which I've never tried on this but I do love sauerkraut so right nice and lighting look at this now we're really doing the bear the right way so nachos I'm a big fan I get not just everywhere jerem true funnel cake but you know we didn't go crazy we didn't get the fruit topping so it's fine you know and then strawberry limeade so this is our second food stop [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Hello Dani. I won 4th runner up and Miss charity queen in the beauty of Africa international pageant 2018. Thank you so much for your videos. I just wish to see you to say a big thank you to you for everything. It's my first pageant ever and I made top five. I'm part of the queens. Thank you so much love. Your videos did it all. I never had a coach. I worked with what I had (your videos) because I had not enough money. Thank you so much.

  2. In hurricane Florida watching you have fun in your awesome video. Thanks for sharing your state with us. It's beautiful.

  3. Wow! You’re on fire with uploading those videos!
    Seems like awesome places to to go to! When I come there to Montana, please do take me to “The M” and that cool café.

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