Bill Gates explains how vaccines work

Bill Gates explains how vaccines work

I often talk about how vaccines are a miracle. They’ve saved millions of lives. But exactly how do they work? Well, they connect to the human immune system, which is itself, really phenomenal. So, when a germ gets inside and attacks your body, the immune system sees unusual foreign shapes
on the surface and then special cells in your body called
white blood cells create antibodies that connect up. Then your immune system knows to go and kill this foreign object. The idea of the vaccine is instead of having to get sick the first time, to develop this immunity, we take something that looks like a foreign
bug, teach the immune system the shape of this
foreign object so it’s ready to attack with antibodies
very, very quickly when the real bug shows up. So, you can avoid lots of diseases, if you’ve been properly vaccinated. And that’s why Gavi was created. Gavi came up with the money and a plan to get vaccines out to all the kids of the world. If you go back to 1990, about 9% of all children died before the age of five. Now, that number is about 4% and these vaccines, that Gavi got out, have been critical to that. So, it really is a miracle. You can read more about vaccines and the investments we’ve made at

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  1. There is NO way to make sure every vaccine has dead cultures. Proven over and over. He is the New World Lie! But he has to to keep his money and depopulate this world.

  2. Sir please help faimily are very very poor.please give me money help for save my faimily.please give me money sir 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

  3. You could explain why white blood cells attacked seemingly the same way that casual sickeness compared to the second "fake" one though.

  4. Bill Gates! You know that vaccines don't work. Besides there is not a single clinical study on safety and even efficacy of vaccines. It is all based on theory.

  5. Actually our bodies are vibration. Everything is frequency. A lower vibrational bug or parasite feeds on our energy. However when our energy is high the bugs can not survive in our system. Therefore vaccines (when made without the harmful heavy metals and synthetics) found in most vaccines today are used they really just expose us to a bugs vibration so our body can fight it off.
    In reality vaccines have not saved millions, clean water, plant based diets, meditation/prayer, grounding in nature, laughter, joy all raise ones vibration thus allowing us to fight off any lower vibrating parasites. In fact when we are healthy living in our natural state, these bugs do not harm us at all.

    Vaccines are being pushed on us for other reasons(depopulation). This is a crime against humanity and karma sees all my friends.

    If you want the truth, you can and do heal everyday. Our bodies are designed perfectly to stay healthy. However many people in highly influential positions find themselves telling us the opposite in order to make us feel less than we are. This has been going on for a long time but it is coming to an end. We live in an age where the truth prevails. Not what money allows you to push on the world.
    Be well, I Love you ALL

  6. How about this new rule: ANYONE that pushes for vaccines must show blood work proving they and their children have had the same vaccine. Let’s listen to how quite it gets.

  7. This guy is not helping anyone with this vaccines he's been on videos talking about the way to depopulation the world with vaccines and the world government is helping just saying be safe world

  8. I dunno Bill Gates reminds me of Kermit the Frog. You could imagine him singing " it's not easy being green"!!! Or being on the Simpsons

  9. There's something Muppet like or cartoonish about him. A cross between Kermit the Frog and the uber rich industrialist on the Simpsons lol

  10. You said most of us received vaccines as children… did you and your wife and children receive all of the vaccines that are currently scheduled for children, beginning at birth?

  11. Can you SAY Vaccine Court? Yea Bill, and how are these tested? Who does the test? Your data is wrong, you have preposterously miss informed people.

  12. False information. Sheeps will follow simply because you have a rich guy promoting something that he wouldn't give to himself nor his kids.

  13. Damn all the anti vaxxers coming out of the wood work 😂😂😂 it’s hilarious how failed our “education” is when people can still go around not knowing why modern societies don’t get polio, small pox, and many other diseases any more… you people really are a special kind of ignorant… just look to india and Africa… then come back and tell me how not having modern medicine (vaccines included) ready to the people is affecting them.

  14. Oh, The same Bill Gates that refuses to inoculate his own kids? Yep, He doesn't want to poison his kids but he wants us to poison ours!

  15. Bill : just buy me everything
    Sir hydrogen ship 750m $?
    Bill : buy it
    Sir Github?
    Bill : buy it
    Sir we have meeting for 10B$ pentagon deal
    Bill – buy it
    Sir coronavirus is spreading, lets get some vaccines
    Bill – buy it

  16. By giving free vaccines Bill Gate contributed to over population in poor countries and accelerated global climate change. Prove me wrong.


  18. Bill doesn't talk about vaccine injured children and the Vaccine injury court set up to protect Big Pharma and the CDC from being sued. He also doesn't mention how vaccines bypass the bodies own immune system to try and give short term immunity. Good old Bill. Now he wants to create a new vaccine for the Corina virus to make even more money. He is such a philanthropist.

  19. Can you please invest knowledge on diabetes of both kind Bill Gates we're in a stage where we can see tribulation right from born baby to an older human being kindly look into it and kick off stem cell research infuse it to get the CURE not the TREATMENT

  20. You can put whatever you want in your own body but dont force others to follow your stupidity. Natural disease is good it kills off weak stock and only the strong survive which make a stronger gene pool.

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