Bill Gates on the good news about fake news

Bill Gates on the good news about fake news

Do people really want to be in a
microcosm where the facts are wrong? Because, over time, wrong facts
don’t lead to good things. If you’re hearing about, “Don’t use vaccines,”
or, you know, that drugs have side effects that are false, that’s not good for you, if you’re not seeing the job opportunities in the right way. I do think a lot of these systems are
self-correcting. You have these small fringe groups, say, a neo-Nazi group, and they really do stay outside the mainstream. But most people, I hope,
still want to know the real facts and so they’ll engage in a more
common set of understandings. At least we have a system that, when people want to find things, it’s easier than ever. If they want to publish things, it’s
easier than ever. The fact that is isn’t just, you know, the local city newspaper guy who gets to write the stories, that complex stories can be found,
that you can click on the lawsuit and see all the data, you can click on the study and see all the information. I think the positives of modern digital
communication do today, and will in the future, outweigh these fragmentation challenges. But the discussion about that, how do we minimize that, how far is that going to go… It’s super important.
It’s turned out to be more of a problem than I or many others would have expected.

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  1. I think he's underestimating the laziness, stupidity, and fear of anything unknown/different of the general public. He talks about how people want to break out of their bubbles, but his perspective comes from his own bubble of being around highly educated people. I hope I'm wrong and he's right.

  2. "Fragmentation is . . . more of a problem than I expected" – So Gates is living in his own bubble, like several high IQ people I have known. Growing up around only those with a similar background, some young people have no idea how dreadfully dull-witted most people really are and how dearly they value their ignorance. The opposite is also true – The Ignorant cannot imagine how informed smarter people might be. Unable to conceive of anything better, they estimate their talents and judgments to be the ultimate and despise any contrary possibilities.

  3. How does Bill Gates explain how doing a great job with vaccines will help stop population growth? Did he misspeak at the Ted talk he gave?

  4. Yeah, that's why we question vaccine safety and effectiveness. And what country was the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation was banned from for injecting untested and experimental vaccines on unsuspecting poor people?

  5. "Most people, I hope, still want to know the real facts, so they will engage in a more common set of understandings"
    Facts aren't determined by common understandings.

  6. Is that Miracle Whip font on the "KNOW THE REAL FACTS" segment? The irony of using that font for establishment of fake news! Bill alludes to "fragmentation" which, if from a David Bohm idea, signifies a failure to connect and understand the views of others which is actually an ongoing process in which creative energy and ongoing events mix with people to make new ideas. Some of this failure is the result of authoritarian thought policing, although certainly not all. This holding onto a position instead of attempting to understand and engage each other above all else is exactly the thing Bohm would warn us about.

  7. Yes, If I may translate of what he is trying to say :
    Small independent media – BAD
    Big corporation supported mainstream Media – GOOD

    The beginning of digitized Dictatorship ladies and gentlemen. 🙂

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