BJJ vs Tae Kwon Do – MMA Fight

BJJ vs Tae Kwon Do – MMA Fight

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  2. A friend of my has legs so flexable he can do a wrap around 9n unsuspecting fighters and easily get out of any guard he is in. However it's getting harder for him to use it cause we are getting better at countering it

  3. Looks like light sparing, did a lot of this when I was still practicing tkd as a kid. Neither were trying to hurt the other. The tkd guys kicks were light and the bjj guy was just tapping the other guy as well. Nice video though.

  4. You clearly dont realize your boy would be really injured before that takedown. One spinning back kick will end you.

  5. Tá cheio dese Lixo no YouTube , dois lutadores do mesmo estilo marcial, um fingindo ser de outra arte marcial. para promover a sua modalidade marcial . Na tentativa de auto promoção. E ainda tem quem queira narrar tal inbesilidade kkkkk…

  6. The dude in the white pants would get destroyed lol. He had no clue his kicks were trash he kept taking a weird little step before and they were very predictable lol.

  7. Taekwondo guy dominates the match and the distance. When taekwondo guy losts his distance with his kicks is dead by jiujitsu guy. Interessant

  8. Why do they all make a stupid "shhhh" noise when they attack? Do they realise that it just tells their opponent that they are attacking? Do they know that they are doing that?

  9. Ive now written 3 paragraphs talking shit about the bjj guy and deleted each before posting… My times very usefull

  10. I do believe BJJ is more powerful/useful than TWD overall. But to be fair, I have seen a TWD guy spinning back kick a grappler in the face and knock him out in the first 2 seconds of the fight.

  11. I agree that people should probably know both striking and grappling to be effective. If I had to choose one or the other though it would be grappling 100%. With striking you literally need to hit a perfect punch/kick that will knock the grappler out/SIGNIFICANTLY hurt them before they close the distance and clinch/grab you and thats a lot harder than people make it out to be on someone that is moving and shooting in at you. Even if you hurt a grappler on the way in but they manage to take you down they will control you and have time to recover. If a pure striker is grabbed by a grappler its over, there is 0 chance. There is always that "luck" factor with striking that a random hit from even an average joe could knock you out, though unlikely to happen. If you go to the ground however against someone that is experienced and you have no idea what you're doing, you are literally at the mercy of grappler lol.

  12. I practice both arts. This proves nothing really. Light kicks and no face punches. Why would that work? TKD guy is pretty good. Hands up pretty high for TKD and good hands. Of course , if the fight hits the ground advantage BJJ. I think ifsome of those punches were actually landed it would change the dynamic. That’s called mma.

  13. Everyone let’s get this straight. TKD will have a huge chance against an average Joe but when it comes to a skilled practitioner, someone who knows muaythai can absolutely destroy a TKD practitioner. Talking about BJJ, the only way a TKD practitioner can beat a BJJ one is by a knockout which rarely happens and not considering the fact that around 85% of fights end up on the ground. TKD is definitely a great art for kids to practice flexibility and enhance well being but once if your someone looking for what works, then TKD is not a great option.

  14. lmfao those guys cannot even in and out(bounce) properly… amateurs…go watch Aaron cook taekwondo and you will see how to fucking move. Hate how the narrator said "professional" so fake

  15. BJJ always wins in light sparring. Tae kwon do and karate rely on strikes. If your initial strikes before the guy takes you to the ground are play, then the grappling will win. If you kick him hard enough that he feels it, you can take his power before he gets you into a place where he can use it. Pain. Pain and breaking stuff is what makes tae kwon do work if you ever had to use it in the real world.

  16. Just a interesting point I like to make at 2:35 the TKD guy tries to get out unsuccessfully and the commentator says its a noob move. While that is true, there is a correct version of that move called "TK scissors", a advanced sweep that you could do. There is a guide for it on youtube, and I myself have used it successfully in rolling as well as competition.

  17. This is a fair fight because that’s what they specialize in and if they want to fight a better fighting style that should win every time that’s there fault

  18. yeah, not going to lie, that TKD guy would have destroyed this guy in a street fight. his kicks were well placed, and that face kick would have KO'd or seriously injured the BJJ guy.

  19. I don't know, obviously the TKD guy needs to work on his ground fighting, but if even half of his kicks had hit the BJJ guy in a real match he'd be pretty messed up before there was anything on the ground.

  20. great fight. looks to me like the taekwondo guy could have had any one of those roundhouse kicks to the gut land if he was horsing around.

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