27 Replies to “Blacksmithing Forging A Kissing Horses Horseshoe Heart”

  1. Man that was bad ass I am going to try tie make the wife one for Xmas thanks really good video like how you explain the process

  2. I finally gave this a try today…..I need practice!
    Thanks for the video and tips Chandler.
    I'm going to keep trying.

  3. gorgeous. Lovein the older videos Chandler. Dont get me wrong the new ones blow me away, but love seeing the progression

  4. Chandler, I've watched and enjoyed MANY of your videos and enjoy them very much. Keep up the good work.

  5. You are a very talented blacksmith and artist. Got to be dedicated to be forging outside in the snow. Thank you for the demo.

  6. I love it dude. I make a lot of horseshoe art. I typically use my oxy acetylene torch for making my heart's. I do believe I am in need of a forge.
    I also cut mine in half and then weld the halves together. I'm on Instagram @ Jim Rodgers and underthehoodwelding.

  7. You could as well make it for someone to hang up but hand Feathers with beads al the bottom of the horse shoe

  8. Beautiful job my friend keep posting more videos, forging is an amazing technique that not everybody can do👌👊

  9. I love this project ,started doing one today but had to break off to repair the anvil with hard facing rods as I dident have a sharp edge on anvil so a job with a job ,will grind anvil up tomoro then maybe try again .keep em coming ,ant from Wales UK

  10. Just an idea, i bet if you made a similar type of design, only make em two dolphins, they'd sell like hotcakes.

  11. Nice work, going to make one (without the heart) for a friend of mine who has a ranch in North Dakota, bottom center I'll add a rams head on top with a twisted shaft and a hook on bottom for a hat, ought to be fun, thanks for the tip on the horse heads.

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