Bleak Faith: Forsaken – Huge Combat Update (Melee & Archery)

Bleak Faith: Forsaken – Huge Combat Update (Melee & Archery)

hello there my RPG lovers and welcome to another video I recently did a preview for the upcoming game called bleak fate forsaken where I talked about all the things that you should know about this RPG if this is your first time hearing about bleak fate I suggest you to watch that video first because on this one we're gonna focus more on the updated gameplay and talk about some features that are yet to be implemented before we continue be sure to subscribe for more RPG stuff because that's what I'm all about bleak fate forsaken looks really ambitious especially when you start reading about all the pictures that should be implemented in this RPG bear in mind that all the footage you're seeing here is working progress and many features that we'll talk about are missing but according to developers everything is going smoothly and we can expect to see updates frequently there are only two people in this team and they are working like crazy on this game as we can see on their official discord these guys are really active and almost always online answering all the questions that people have about this game I'll leave the link in the description so you can join if you're interested they will officially launch the kickstarter campaign on the 5th of july and i think the game should release later this year if everything goes as planned but let's focus on the gameplay and the features they plan to implement their goal is to make a brutal reactive and fluid combat experience that allows for ample and tactical problem-solving in action the speed and tempo of combat is generally high in melee and ranged combat while stealth and abilities can shift the dynamic and tempo little one of those systems that are yet to be implemented is improved AI that will constantly try to outsmart you and use their own strengths against you they said that we can expect drastically varying behaviors depending on enemy's strengths and weaknesses if you done properly this mechanic will complement the survival aspect of the game quite nicely because not only you are trying to survive in this world a few gameplay features that you should see soon are and executions executions will not be automatic like in Assassin's Creed for example but you have to knock your opponent of their feet by combining light and heavy attacks burying breaking blocks or simply by overwhelming a weaker foe we can also expect to see a robust crowd control system in two forms ability CC is crowd control in the forms of reasoning standing routing slowing confusing distracting etc combat CC comes in the form of heat reactions in layers and we can somewhat already see this in a couple of encounters here different layers of heat reactions are based on stats such as Constitution and composure which dictate how off-balance and vulnerable someone is dead being said you don't actually need to know all the features and how everything works to understand the gameplay but I think it's really interesting to talk about this stuff and as we follow the development in the future I'm hoping to see all of these features in action and more stuff about the game in general a lot of the mechanics are still not polished and like I said everything is still in the early phase I recently read on this code that developers will soon quit their regular jobs so they can completely focus on bleak fate I really love their ambition and I hope they manage to gather the resources they need so I will definitely follow the development of the game and update you guys with the newest info be sure to subscribe for more RPG content I do in-depth guides news and reviews on this channel special thanks to my patrons and if you as well want to become one you can do that by visiting the link in the description see in the next one

27 Replies to “Bleak Faith: Forsaken – Huge Combat Update (Melee & Archery)”

  1. World looks empty, hope this game will be cleaned up, it looks promising, 2 developers is pretty tough for a game like this.

  2. I've joined the discord group more than a week ago, and I can say these guys got a lot of good ideas for this game. I wish them all the best for their campaign

  3. This combat feels so good that i can buy the game without a proper story. This can be only text from level to level and "kill everything from point a from point b to the boos fight.

  4. Definitely great game , seems to me , the landscape a bit empty and grey filter , but the souls-like style is pretty amazing , an assassin's Creed mixed with Lords of the fallen and dark souls ;), I will buy this , this will come for PS4 too?

  5. Amazing art style / atmosphere and the animations are shaping up nicely 😍

    All these small (indie) developers putting everyone out of business 🤗 I fucking love it!

  6. I'm looking forward to this game release. This game looks like the movement and camera of Skyrim mixed in and the combat of outward if it got polished.

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