39 Replies to “Blood on my Face. Tail Walkers”

  1. Tim is all this stuff available through cold steel ? The darts and the eyes? I was slocking frogs when I went walleye fishing the one night.

  2. Illegal in Australia too..
    Guns, spears, catapults, knives, bows and crossbows are fine, but no blowguns!?!
    Crazy laws here too.

  3. Haha you nailed it our government is gayer than aids! Incredible that a blow gun is illegal. What a joke

  4. Man you have taken spearing too the next level. Hell I want to get back into it. Can we get the same set up at your online store?

  5. imagine being a supreme race and living in the woods pretending that killing defenseless animals takes skill, and lets not be dishonest here folks… any animal that cant defend itself against this inbred hick is arguably defenseless.

  6. Hey canadians don't suck πŸ˜›. We just got some wacky useless laws when it comes to weapons. But dam i wish i could use this rig up here. This looks like a lot of fun, another reason to go visit the states.

  7. Did I just hear him say carp are the trophy of trophy fish? Bahahaha…. maybe in the Illinois, but in the pnw they are the scum of the scum.

  8. cool as blow gun damm Tim i could sure rack up on fish with that weapon lol send me a few of them down here in Louisiana man we love your channel over here. the gar over here are enormous up to 8 foot well you know Tim

  9. How about using a small carbon shaft with small mechanical head like a muzzy ? A simple pin through two swing arms with stops pinched and bent on sides to allow it to open only so far ….?
    Make the heads out of stainless shaft large enough to give the dart forward mass for penetration. Head the diameter of the ink tube in ballpoint pen. Maybe use metal shaft with slightly larger diameter mechanical head , by grinding flat surface on both sides and pinning lightweight muzzy style swing arms …bet it would work if kept to minimal weight restrictions for blow darts…worth a thought anyway …..

  10. Fantastic video , we could even see the fish before the shot …..well done …can't wait for next video…
    Tim Wells – best bow shot on video

  11. Why are grass carp trophies 😡 from Wisconsin and they are do disgusting yuck and is the fishing blow gun a thing or did you make it

  12. hey Tim are these darts out yet? If not u wanna send me some and I will do videos with them i can even try shooting some saltwater fish

  13. Could you please make a hidden blow dart gun out of a walking cane stick for me? SO i could use it in self defense.

  14. Yes our Canadian government sucks. They probably tried to use a blow gun but because they suck real bad they don't know the concept of blowing….hehe. Maybe I should invent a suck gun??? lol

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