45 Replies to “Bloons TD 6 – NEW MAP! FIRING RANGE – Hard”

  1. The Churchill tank was named after Winston Churchill, but Winston got cross as an unreliable tank was named after him.

  2. I would like to thank you for making these walkthrough videos because I use to be bad at the hard levels but after watching some of your videos I figured out what I need to do to improve me game and I want you to continue making these walkthrough videos because they help people like me that are average players get better so thank you for making these videos

  3. I think, not 100 percent sure that the nuclear sub got buffed. It cannot pop everything, but I think it has infinite popping power.

  4. Dude use the sniper. He has great abilities and popping power, and the map is called shooting range I mean come on.

    I know you had it, but upgrade it higher.

  5. купил друидов
    поюзал 20 из70 раз за бой
    клинический дебилоид

  6. what does having a black border on the map selection mean? I have gold in the first map then black in the second, black seem shinier so Im assuming its better but what trigger it.

  7. I remember you questioning in one of your videos why your towers range was increasing then decreasing. I don’t think it’s a bug or anything I think it’s the alchemist monkey buffing the towers around him.

  8. Dude, I figured out how to use regrow farms. You use abilities like monkeynomics and cash drop, I tried this out on round 76, it turns out that the ability stops working after a while, probably since all the original bloons are dead. But if you set up 2 favored trades next to you monkeynomics, you can gain 7000 if you just buy, use the ability and then sell (on easy).It probably takes some monkey knowledge, but it worked and I got a 5th tier temple next. Also why did you use bomb blitz last time you did the lead one. Why didn't you use a 502 glaive lord

  9. Can i propose to you the Max Churchill Challenge?
    Beat CHIMPS with a max level Churchill on round 100

    No matter how early you get Churchill he won't get enough xp to max by round 100, so you'll have to spend cash on manually upgrading or an Energizer, and a max Churchill alone won't win alone

  10. Oh I'm a flipping dunce I played this map and I thought it was super hard cuz I didn't know you could put things on the wooden bridge

  11. Druid has infinite popping power.
    Chris:it isnt too bad.
    Me:damn it is one of the best towers if it has infinite popping power what do you mean it isnt that bad😂

  12. What if Ninjakiwi released maps with ups and downs perk like specialty building in BTD5???
    Example would be like: Map A Intermediate, Ninja monkey -5% cost and Sniper monkey +5% cost etc

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