Bob Costas explains the intricate system Houston Astros used to steal signs

Bob Costas explains the intricate system Houston Astros used to steal signs

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  1. Google "1999 Red Sox Indians camera" … Red Sox manager Jimy Williams caught the Indians using the center field camera to videotape then relay the catcher's signals to the Indians batters via whistle. MLB made the Indians cover up the cameras the next day. There are multiple articles about it…

    This has been going on forever. Now it's a problem? And it wasnt before?

  2. The reward is worth the risk. Sure 4 people lost their jobs and 2 were suspended for a year, and alex cora will most likely have a suspension coming too. But none lost what really matters, rings and money. All 4 men will be back in baseball at some point too.

  3. The pitchers were re born when they went to Houston. They should look into that too. Top 3 starters were unhittable. What's up..Come on..🤔

  4. I once got caught stealing a sign out of my neighbors yard! I basically got a slap on the wrist and had to promise not to do it again…… guess what? I did it again!!! Up yours Gary! Hope you enjoy the moth balls in your garden! 🖕🏻

  5. CNN viewers who are used to eating nothing burgers about impeachment and Iran is what he should've said. MAGA Country 2020 for Jussie Smollett.

  6. Probably most teams in the league are doing this they were just the first ones to get caught. Either way there's always going to be some type of corruption it cheating in sports.

  7. Wtf cares, if you ain't tryin to steal signs you ain't tryin to win!!!
    I have no issue w sign stealing its just part of the game, if you think your getting your signs stolen change em up duuhh!!!

  8. How did the man at the plate & the Umpire hear the Trash 🗑 Can ? Now they are saying they were wearing a buzzing device.

  9. "Shockwaves around the world" lol a baseball scandal does not do that. Quit with the exaggeration and just speak normally.

  10. Costas who spent years dogging Barry Bonds knew nothing about this…he acts as if he found out with the rest of us.
    I'll buy that for a dollar.

  11. Brady was tampering with the ball…the ball that they play with. THE BALL! If that were Wilson, Watson or Jackson, they would be out of the league.

  12. Pete Rose deserves to be in the HOF. He didn't use steroids and didn't cheat like these teams, he only bet on himself.

  13. Why is it still insisted that the 1919 White Sox through the World Series. If you look at the actual statistics. Several of the players played better during the series than they did the entire season. Once everybody believed it. They insisted on making sure they paid for it. We've seen good teams lose too much worst teams constantly in baseball, football, basketball. Yet for some reason this lie still exists about the 1919 Sox

  14. Bob is right. Deception is part of the game. The Astros messed with that. Teams can watch film, scout each other, figure out habits of other players, etc. When you use a system of technology that gives you an advantage and is flat out against the rules, it changes the present moment and the course of the game. This is worse than using steroids or supplement drugs. Steroids were always used in other sports besides baseball. If you're going to be critical of players who used steroids and be stubborn about them getting into the HOF, then you should be harsh with the Astros or Red Sox even in the same way. I think the Astros organization should suffer worse than a couple fines and short suspensions. They should vacate their 2017 World Series and give them a post season ban of AT LEAST one year. Then maybe these teams will think again before they try to cheat. The NCAA isn't afraid to vacate anything like Michigan's Fab Five achievements, Louisville's 2013 championship, or USC's 2004 championship. But of course the MLB is afraid of losing out on money so they always pretend like they don't know how to appropriately penalize cheaters.

  15. How can anyone be surprised? This is the world we live in. Lying, cheating, thievery, are all part of corporate America today. Ethics, morality, honesty, and values mean absolutely nothing compared to profits and financial gain.

  16. Astros can’t win a World Series without cheating, smh. Franchise is fraudulent and gross. Won’t have to worry about them winning chips anytime soon

  17. If you can not play a competitive sport without cheating then you don't belong in that sport, baseball is not the wwe, it shouldn't be planned, scripted full of roid rage or fake.

  18. The fact that these guys got fired and nothing ever happens to the pats when they cheat every other year just proves the goodell is a corrupt

  19. Soooo…. A player tells his coach he is using steroids and then it falls on the coach if the player gets busted! Bob you’re a idiot!

  20. Lol the risk is worth the reward. You can suspend me for a year or indefinitely at the end of the day in have a ring

  21. “Sending shockwaves around the world” lol. I’m in Berlin, don’t believe we felt these shock waves from your baseball game. US news media always lies and sensationalises everything. This shouldn’t be how news is disseminated. This is reason why you get called fake news.

  22. A great breakdown of the whole mess that most can understand from a man who truly understands the game. I'm 60 and remember watching Costas doing Saturday afternoon baseball games on tv at a 12 year old. He did unfortunately omit a glaring reason for the HEAVY fines…GAMBLING. The vice that makes these teams so valuable and the alleged purity that differentiates the major sports from WWE and XFL nonsense.

  23. Why aren’t the players and the owners getting penalized. the owner says I didn’t know but either he knew or he didn’t want to know

  24. Lol John Berman.. such an intelligent human…all baseball fans had the same response he did. "Wow". Man.. what a genius! Fckn loser. And I thought Chris Hayes was bad!

  25. Than why is it when we watch the game today in our tvs we get the center field camera angle watching the pitcher and the catcher that will never change

  26. Players should get penalized. This is all about money. Fire the guys that dont make the big bucks amd multi million dollar endorsements. PURE B.S.

  27. If MLB put the monitors in the dugouts, it’s kind of stupid to then be shocked teams used them for other purposes.

  28. Sad thing about this, despite their firings and year long suspensions, these owners have collectively blacklisted these coaches and front office. Trust me folks, SADLY, we’ll never see these individuals AGAIN. Cheating is a VERY delicate subject matter in MLB vs NFL and NBA

  29. It was quicker than impeachment because there were ACTUAL facts and evidence. Unlike the BS that they tried to bring on the President.
    Hope Hunter Biden and ol papa Joe have a good defense when the Republicans tear them to shreds…

  30. Its actually the other way Bob. If your up there Just looking for a straight pitch, a fastball you can adjust to the off speed stuff a lot easier. You go up looking for a curve ball and you will never touch that fastball. They will throw it right by you. How many times you see these hitters at all levels of Baseball watch that fastball go right by cause there guessing. MLB Players are the worst. I have always said MLB players are the worst for young players to watch and emulate because of all the things they do. They can get by because there so talented but young players cant emulate it because they dont have the bat speed and such. I always focused on just getting up there and not over thinking it. Just look for a straight pitch, a good pitch to hit. I never tried to guess, it messes with your mind too much. Young hitters definitely dont need to overthink it.

  31. Funny how CNN only cares about it cheating and reporting truthfully on it when it comes to sports….but not politicians.

  32. I don’t know much about baseball but I came specifically to find out what all the fuss was about, and it seems like their wasn’t a definitive rule they broke AT THE TIME. Soooo? Idk baseball is weird I think they need scandals in the sport to make it more interesting

  33. I disagree. Who defines what "technology" is? It is immaterial how the signs are unencrypted by the opposing team. The team encrypting needs to evolve their system. Sort of like how the German WWII code was cracked. Watch the movie Imitation Game. The duty to become more sophisticated rests with the team broadcasting their signals. Punishing these teams is wrong.

  34. Maybe MLB should allow catchers and pitchers use buzzers to communicate what pitches to throw. That way they can never pick up signs again.

  35. Bob Costas is the man . One of the GOATS. Used to love when he would call Bulls playoff games in the 90s. Such a great part of my childhood love of sports lore.

  36. Honestly, they were smart enough to decode the signs. Isnt that really just smart strategy? I mean damn. I feel like we put way too much weight on sports. Dont get me wrong I love sports and played them throughout my formative years. To me this is nothing more than getting a competitive edge. I know this will be unpopular. But it sounds like the other teams need to do a better job of disguising and changing their signs from inning to inning. One last thing, growing up if you happened to be the runner on 2nd you were always encouraged to try and read the catchers signs and tip off the batter with a counter sign of your own. This may seem taboo but every coach I ever had (and I played in different states all throughout my time playing at every level but Pro) and every friend/person I knew that played was also taught and encouraged beginning as young as Minor League Ball (10-12 yrs old) to try and decipher signs while on base to give your batter the edge.

    It doesn't necessarily make it right, but for me personally it makes the ancient game of baseball more fascinating and intense knowing the other team is trying to figure out your signs. Also, isnt that the whole point of using signs? Lol. To disguise what you are doing? Shouldn't those signs be as advanced and change frequently. My coaches always had different signals for the catcher and pitcher depending on the inning and situation. .

  37. So did they ever reveal how they figured out the teams were involved in this 'cheating'. Or did I simply miss that part of the video?

  38. When I was on 2nd base and saw 1 finger from the catcher I always held out one finger. Pretty standard practice in American Legion league play.

  39. What about when the pitcher/ catcher change the sign? It is supposed to be a guessing game, and u were lucky when u were successful. Have a list of signs and make new ones to avoid it. Players go from team to team, and ii u keep using the same ones that is bad strategy. Poor managing!

  40. The 1919 Black Sox is a bad example. Players were kicked out of the league for what they did. Not in this case though.

  41. Bob Costas is completely unaware that there are people that don't watch baseball at all but would still find this whole thing interesting. It didn't even occur to him that he was asked to explain what a sign is.

  42. The reward was worth the risk….they have World Series Rings!!!! Take the rings and championships away and that will be the deterrent!!!

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