Bodyweight Total Body Circuit Workout- Calisthenics Training Exercises

Bodyweight Total Body Circuit Workout- Calisthenics Training Exercises

and what's up you guys it's workout time today I'm doing circuits I'm gonna be hitting every body part from lower body to core to upper body and four circuits I'm gonna be doing I'm gonna hit the dip bar I'm gonna work on handstands dips lakes wings and all that type of stuff and I'm gonna go to the stairs where I'll be working on lower body I'm gonna do sprints and lunges and squats and that sort of thing and after that I'm gonna go do so that I'm gonna get on the ground I'm gonna do sit-ups and crunches to work on my abdominals and finally after that I'll be doing the pull-up bar where I'm gonna work on muscle ups pull ups various grips leg raises and all that fun stuff so I'm gonna run through my workout for you guys so you guys get to see how it looks like so let's get started all right you guys I'm gonna dip bar now and if this is my first station right here I'm lucky enough that the stations are spaced out enough for me to get a good run a good cardio workout from station to station so after I'm done with the dip bars I'm gonna head over to the stairs and I'm gonna run over there so I'm gonna run from the station and station for a cardio workout now for my first workout on a dip bar I'm gonna work on my handstands I'm just gonna do a handstand pushup I'm gonna do just a few sets of those and then after that I'm gonna do leg swings I like to do the handstands one first because are the hardest ones so I'm just going to do about four sets of those all right after I'm done with the handstands I'm gonna work on leg swings and these are great for going up into handstand a great core workout so I'm going to do four sets of twelve of these and then after that I'm just using normal dips I'm gonna do four sets of 20 okay this next workout I need a lot of improvement in that's why I'm practicing it so much I'm gonna do four sets of these and I'm gonna try to hold it for as long as I can and that I'm pretty stiff so that's a tough workout for me that's a great core workout it's a great hip flexor workout great for your arms and holding it it's a great workout so four sets of those now we're done with the dip station all right you guys that was the dip bar now let's go run over to the stairs all right you guys I made it over to the stairs and now it's time to hit the lower body lately you guys might have noticed that the lower body component has been missing on my videos my workout videos and that's because I've busted my knee so I've been really limiting myself in terms of what I'm doing with my lower body so for this workout I'm gonna use some stairs and I'll be doing mostly lower body stuff and that I'm gonna start out with doing four sets of lunches up these stairs I'm gonna take my time and start slow I don't want to rush it and bust my knees again so this is very basic and I'm not gonna run through the whole thing but all I'm trying to say is that when you're dealing with an injury try to come back slow and don't rush it all right the next workout I'm going to be doing step ups this again is going to help build strength in my quads my hamstrings and glutes and all that stuff and I want to make sure I strengthen these areas because of my injured knees so I'm gonna do four sets of 15 on each leg so I'm gonna alternate first I'm gonna start with my right leg on the step that's one and I'm gonna go all the way to 15 so I'm doing three sets of those with no breaks in between just back-to-back but for the purpose of this video I'm just going to show you guys these workouts and demonstrate so after that I'm gonna attack my calves and what I'm gonna do is move over to a step I'm gonna do one foot at a time somebody working on my right calf first and then my left so start here and just do some calf raises I'm gonna do 15 for each calf two sets for each leg all right this next workout is a plyometric exercise you're going to be doing rocket jumps and I'm gonna shoot for 12 on each leg so I'll be doing 20 for total because I'm gonna be doing both legs all the way up to 24 I'm gonna do two sets of those we're gonna do muscle ups now I'm gonna start with doing four sets of six and after this we're gonna work on various pull-ups all right you guys we got four more sites left two sets of pronated pull-ups sets of twelve and then two more sets of twelve supinated okay I'm for the second pull up you need two more sets of twelve after the pronated then you get de supinated with your palms facing this way all right the final pull-up workout almost done bringing the two sets each side first grip command I'll pull up so you're gonna be doing this side and then switch it two more sets this way so you work out both arms so you're in the two sets of eight so eight of those and then actually going with two sets switch to the other side okay so now I'm done with the pull-ups I'm gonna work on my abdominals by doing some leg raises great hip flexor workout as well so for the first ones I'm gonna do with my knees bent I'm gonna do two straight two to the left and two to the right to work on my sides as well do four sets of eight with knees bent try to minimize swinging if you move a little bit it's okay but minimize it so straight and then after that do it to the side and you want to make sure you feel it in this region right here and go to the other side and then you're done with your leg raises and that for that we're gonna work on the ground doing crunches and sit-ups all right you guys strength project thanks for watching that was the workout pretty basic but I got to start simple right now I'm getting back into it getting over all these injuries make sure you subscribe more workouts come into strength project peace

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  1. Man, those are some tough but very effective workouts and I will "TRY" them. Also man, sorry to be so personal but are you wearing socks? It doesn't look like it and I was wondering if that's healthy not to wear any with sneakers? Thanks much.

  2. Been a fan for almost a year, just one tiny suggestion, it might be better to leave out rep numbers from the workout, also do you have any safety tips for the more dynamic moves such as leg swings?

  3. @10TheNavySeal01 hi. calisthenics and running are great. keep doing it. but you can't build more than 4.5 pounds of muscle mass in one year with 1 hour of training every day.
    i have did 2 years of only calesthenics and running and another 2 years of calesthenics,running, lift weight and freerunning training. next year i'll be as strong as Arash from strenght project is.
    proper diet and positive thinking makes you progress faster

  4. @10TheNavySeal01

    goal = minimize body fat as much as possible, while maximizing muscle as much as possible

    just do 60% cardio and 40% weight lifting. it's important to be light, flexible, and quick, while still having plenty of muscle mass to back it up.

  5. @IamHueGraves He does gymnastics; flips and such. That coupled with working out can really do a toll on your joints. He might've overworked himself. It normally, and hopefully, just takes a bit of time to heal.

  6. @10TheNavySeal01 If you want muscle mass, a good diet with weights at the gym would be your best bet. You should find a good routine somewhere and use that too

  7. I can't even do a handstand, i'm trainin to do them by doin psuhups 2-3X a week. Is that enough an should i be doin other exercises too??

    (I work 5 days a week so i count that as cardio lol)

  8. Excellent system, glad to see your knee is coming back too.
    Doesn't seem to be much in the way of the lower back and erector spinea strengthening, have any tips for that?

  9. @10TheNavySeal01 Check out Convict Conditioning (book) If you feel the need to do weights, I recommend P90X.

  10. my power song is eye of the tiger!!!!:P

    your videos keep me training because i can see that i can grow even more stronger….

    btw your stretching videos help a lot my legs,i stretch before and after running 9-10 km and when i finish workout i fill great!

  11. these are good exercises, but the order is not very efficient. its best not to do all your pushing back to back then all your pulling. try staggering (push, pull, push, pull). and with the lower body usually i would start with the plyometrics then go to strength and endurance

  12. @10TheNavySeal01 I would advise you to start a little weight lifting, but by experience, I know that calisthenics alone can give you a very decent physic.

  13. @IamHueGraves does doing push ups/hand stands/sit up affect you knees? no right. he said that he want his knees to recover by not doing parkour/jumping. understand??

  14. @10TheNavySeal01 you need to work up to HEAVY squats. do research online, but not from bodybuilding sites because those are all fraud bullshit supplement sites. you'll be amazed with how much you can find out online.

  15. Hey, I'm trying to improve my strength over winter, what kind of sets and reps are best for doing this? like 3 sets of 5? Or what?

  16. Holy mother of wtfs! Cant keep watching after the first exercise, i cant even make a pull up :S I will have to search previous videos XD

  17. ye i'll be able to do this workout in 2 years… not to mention it's already cold outside in wisconsin so summer 2014 i'll be on your level LOL

  18. how long of a rest period between sets of the same exercise and how long should the entire workout last?

  19. I've just started working out and have been doing running and calisthenics to start. I'm wondering if it would be possible to gain a considerable amount of muscle over the winter just by doing calisthenics. Do you think calisthenics alone can gain you muscle mass under proper diet or would you recommend having weight lifting as well? The exercises I've been doing so far are, Pullups, chinups, dips, pushups, crunches, planks, lunges, squats and leg raises. I've been doing 3 or 4 sets of 12 reps.

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