1. as to my experience, the short bows are not so stable as longer bows, hence less precision in target ore hunting, as to the speed, you cannot expect any TKD recurve ore longbow will exceed its mechanical qualities over 210fps. then you need to change for a compaund ore cross bar.

  2. Just order my second Border CH, Iโ€™ll never shoot anything else now! Tempest will be my next bow, thanks for the vids Joe!

  3. Hi Joe, My name is Matt Tiplady and I am currently working on a TV show in the UK and would love to ask you a question with regards the Border Bow Covert Hunter. Please could you give me an email: [email protected] so I could ask you a question? Thanks.

  4. Just a quick question! Whatโ€™s the string length you chose for the hex 8 limbs on a covert hunter 60โ€ bow? Thank ya!

  5. Great vids. Have watched a few and have been getting my interest in trad archery sparked up again. Can't decide to go with a hybrid longbow or a super recurve now lol.

  6. Great video. Have a question for you: what kind of bow stringer are you using at about the 11:30 mark? Thank you for sharing with us all.

  7. I like the para-cord silencer idea, its cheap and looks better than those rubber band style that I have on my Osprey.

  8. joe…..I can't find that stringer you use anywhere, so I will have to make my own….what is the WIDTH of the strap? and if you could take several pictures of it showing the details, that would be very nice………my email is……[email protected]…thanks neal

  9. Hey Joe, cheers for your insights into Border. Got into archery a year and half or so ago and finally made the plunge to get myself a Border bow. Cant justify to the financial controller (wife) the cost of a CH HEX 8 but got myself a bargain Super Reiver Hex 6. Haven't shot it yet as I'm waiting for bits to arrive for shelf etc but very excited. Ironic as i live so close to Kelso and yet your the best source i can find for reviews ( aside from other club members)

  10. Hi Joe really enjoyed the video.managed to visit Border in February and was very pleased to be made welcome. I was even more pleased to receive the chance of shooting Hex 8 limbs while I was there. Result the covert hunter I was thinking about was ordered. Keep Up the good work with the Videos.

  11. joe……..I have never seen nor held one of these bows……but I would like to know what happens to a 7 or 8 when it is held vertically and then push the lower limb into the ground…does it feel like that limb still has springiness and resistance to the downward pressure or does it feel soft and squishy……not that that is necessarily a bad thing because I have shot recurves that were shockingly floppy on the ends but were terrific shooters, but would never have guessed they were floppy, if the bow was properly balanced……cordially neal

  12. hi……is there a core of some type inside those carbon limbs? looks like a sharper cam and longer length of big hook did the trick…….

  13. With your setup of the uniting inch Riser and the hex 8 limbs, what kind of draw length will they go out to? I draw 32 inches

  14. Holy shit I don't care how much money you make one understanding wife you must have and besides that I enjoy and love everything you do your knowledge and verbage of explanation is Stellar on point Gleaming the Cube continue doing what you do thanks for your love of knives and I love the Espada Cold Steel variation

  15. Hey Joe, thanks for another great video, I appreciate the cameos by Max and Lady too, they almost mange to steal the show!
    I just bought a set of Hex 7 mediums in 59lb in Borders old stock sale, going to pair them up with 19" CH riser which I am waiting on now. Should make an awesome hunting rig. Just wondering what arrows you are using? I am thinking I will need some pretty heavy shafts for my set up and I want to get a few organised before my riser arrives so I can get straight into tuning it when it gets here. Do you have a GPP you aim for with a hunting arrow?

  16. Thanks for the review.
    I found your channel just a few weeks ago, and I love your videos!
    I mostly shoot Hoyt bows myself. The Buffalo and Dorado.
    I've watched all of your videos and I must say that you opened up my eyes for Border bows.
    They look fantastic!
    Time will tell if I order one, but it feels dangerous!
    If you have one, you will never have enough…..
    Thanks again!
    Greetings from Sweden

  17. Joe, thanks for always being on the latest developments from Border.

    It's because of your reviews I actually learned of them way back when. Still shooting my old Ben Pearson one piece recurve just fine but now more than ever find myself seriously thinking about saving for one of these rigs. They are a thing of beauty and a marvel of dedicated craftsmanship imho.

    If/when I do bite the bullet and eventually get one I'll have you to blame and thank for giving me Border fever. lol

  18. Excellent!
    Loving even my "old" Hex 6.6 limbs. It's a different experience. Just make this 15 second vid today using Hex limbs on a Hoyt Satori, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4gYw_l9W0I

  19. Joe, I just finalized my order with Sid yesterday for the CH with HEX 8.0 limbs. ย I've been watching your video's over the past few years and because of the intensity, appreciation and respect you have showen for Border Bows and Sid, you have given me the confidence to "just do it" and make the purchase. Thanks for simply doing what you do, so very well.

  20. I started to save money for the โ€œBorder Archerry โ€œ bow. You're guilty of that. Great video,great bow.Best regards!

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