43 Replies to “Border Patrol officials react to getting funds for 'fencing'”

  1. I think that all border patrol agents should go on strike until a wall is built. Watch a few million illegal aliens and drugs flow in freely until the politicians wake up.

  2. you had to believe in the promises made by the President. He has done everything he did egg too. Let the master play.

  3. I was not going to vote in midterms; however if the republicans do not turn it around i will vote them out.

  4. We need to vote out these snakes that are roadblocking this President from doing his job. These liberal shits are endangering American lives!

  5. Hahahahaha what happened to Donald’s promise of the big beautiful wall Mexico was going to pay for. Lmao. Can’t believe there were enough dumb Americans to believe him

  6. Build the wall and ship them out.
    GOD COUNTRY and Yes The Man Donald J Trump Our President Love it live it OR STICK IT 😎M.A.G.A.2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. No welfare and food stamps to illegals, u got the money for a wall, we always get the money for anything the other countries need, Omama Mr useless would have the today if he wanted to. Never said no to him, thanks DEMS

  8. Run now snowflake crystal ball to your safe space and don't believe the Liberals when they say it's okay to beat us with bats cuz if you try will whip your ass and shove that crystal ball up there too

  9. Crystal ball crystal ball you've been dropped a lot haven't you got more than one crack in your head go with the Liberals retards that's probably where you belong snowflake

  10. repubs dont want the wall either! big business wants the foreign workers. THEY have NO intention on paying livable wages! sad to say they cant get by on the bllions of dollars they get every year!

  11. Organize border patrol!! And send to congress the keepers of the checkbook!! Republicans going to be big looses if up for reelection at midterms as they failed to provide the funds for wall that the people demanded!! They are not supporting the pres agenda which is why we voted him in to office. Those republucans who are being canned for caught up in the corruption are just sitting back collecting check till term up!!! Bloodbath coming for those who did nothing to fight for us!!!

  12. We do not want a crappy unsecure fence, we already have that now and it is not working! Demand the big ass wall and don't take no for an answer! Period! Throw every piece of shit who isn't on board with this out of office! No mercy this time, no more moronic leftist bullshit! Period!

  13. Prez Trump can use the omnibus money any way he wants! BUILD that wall while we still have the chance!!!
    Illegal immigration is the greatest problem facing this nation. THIS is our last chance to get our country back! THIS IS WAR! MAGA TRUMP 2020

  14. Wake up – Republican senators have NO interest in keeping their majorities in the mid terms. Quite the opposite. Just like the Dems, the Republicans are refusing to accept the will of the people. They all wanted one of their typical lying lawyer-corrupt-asshole fraternity members in the White House and are just going to let everything crumble rather than acknowledging that the people were absolutely correct in voting for a pragmatic non-politician as President. It's hard to drain the swamp, because the lawyer fraternity is united and simply partying their way through both DC and every state capitol while their staffs do all of their work for them. They are treated like royalty, and expect to remain royalty. Congress has long been one of the most anti-American forces in history, because they are morally deficient, corrupt, lazy, and evil. In other words, lawyers.

  15. americans are either stupid or just plain lazy. AMERICA IS BEING INVADED BY MEXICO, HELLOOO. when the mexicans have the numbers to vote out all non mexican members of congress they win. they now control american spending and our legal system. maybe when a law is passed cutting all welfare for white people or a law requiring spanish to be the offiical language of america will americans wake up and say woops. guess what america by 2030 we will all be citizens of mexico unless we build the wall and deport deport deport.

  16. No borders, no immigration enforcement, no voter id laws. You have to be a special kind of ignorant to not see the Democrat’s true motivations.

  17. Sure seems funny Obama could get all the money he wanted to give to Iran where did it come from.  Tell president Trump go to that cash cow and get what you want.

  18. The democraps want something that they can shut off when they get the chance… A wall is not as easy to erase. God bless America and God bless President Donald Trump!!

  19. Build whore houses, gambling houses and drugs houses for Mexicans only along the southern border guarded by American border patrol.

  20. In addition, how will the border patrol detect tunneling under our new walls ? Korea is an example of tunneling, secretly built, that a tank can drive through.

  21. Why is Trump's failure getting blamed on others. The Republicans control the government, so there is no excuse for The Wall not being built. Democrats commenrting on "Border Patrol Gadgets" didn't stop anything…so stop being hypocrites and accept the TRUTH. Trump Failed to deliver.
    He lied and said "Mexico will pay", and now he has failed to even come through in getting it started. The Truth hurts, but its the TRUTH.


  23. I have a question why do we build house's with walls and roofs? to protect us from bad things outside. we the people of the united states need to protect our house build that wall!

  24. Time to take a lesson from Castro (Mariel boatlift), Empty our prisons, round up the homeless and bus them to the border and turn them loose. See how fast Mexico builds a wall to keep them out.

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