BotR Bolt Action Challenge: Thun, 2 November 2019

BotR Bolt Action Challenge: Thun, 2 November 2019

hello and welcome to bloke low-range now on Saturday the 2nd of November 2019 we're hosting the first ever bloke on the range bolt-action challenge here at our beautiful ranges in two new until say in Switzerland now lots of people have been asking a particularly Swiss people where we're shooting non-swiss rifles and the answer is here in tune and in fact you can come to this competition and shoot them yourself if you live in Switzerland or if you if you happen to be passing through or even if you happen to be here for the purpose of this match if you're mad enough anyway it's a bit of a celebration of the bog standard infantry rifle and the sort of square range shooting that was done or more than half a century ago back in the day of course fires a bit a bit of British inspiration bit of Swiss inspiration and I'll go through that in a minute but first of all rifles wise no sniper rifles with with scopes taken off maximum caliber eight millimeters for range reasons no modern fancies like app two sites no no packed barrel so I can't bring my service rifle be along sling as issued of the correct type attached to the rifle at two points and basically a bog-standard has issued rifle nothing fancier than that so we're gonna do today is I'll explain the course of fire and we're gonna test it because we can't just go into this totally blind this sort of doesn't be no competition like this done in Switzerland we're using targets at three different ranges and it should be a lot of fun so the course of fire to start with so we're going to start at a hundred meters on a p5 pistol target why p5 pistol type because we've got them we can we can make these up easily this is the only paper b4 rifle target we've got and it's demonstrator we can't shoot at it so stuff right so 100 metres – individually marked situs and then a series of ten shots in a minute with a compulsory reload of at least five rounds by means of a stripper clip or loose around we can probably supply stripper clips for practically anything anyone could conceivably bring along if they don't have their own just for info the maximum scoring ring is 5 here and that's 15 centimeters wide now we're going to do that bareback so yes to a tunic or whatever no use of a sling no use of a rest so this is and this is similar to one of the one of the pre-world War one practices but it's not as it's not as difficult as practice 22 which is 15 rounds in a minute with to compulsory reloads we want people who've not had the opportunity to shoot rapid fire – shoot rapidly enough but nothing nothing that's going to end up with people spraying rounds all over the countryside because they haven't had the opportunity before to move on to the second stage you need to make sure that all of your shots that you fire land at least in the scoring zone and it's au meter wide scoring zone so this shouldn't be an issue this is just to avoid bullets going places they shouldn't elsewhere so at 200 we're going to do the same thing again but with no further situs so you've got to rely on on the sight adjustment and to be honest the difference for pretty much any of the military cartridges at the era really it's going to be about three minutes of angle Plus – depending on how fast it goes but as a general rule that's not far off your rifle should have a range slider anyway all you need to learn your hold-hold unders if you've if you've got a lowest sight setting of 300 or 400 so we do the same thing again ten rounds in a minute with a compulsory reload but you can use the sling if you want to but you must use it as a 2-point sling so you've got one of these fancy things no stickier arm through the loop and the reason is that that is not a practical proposition to do in combat so no basically it is that is ruled out if after 200 you've had all the shots you fired land within the scoring zone a meter again oh and by the way the five ring at 200 becomes 2.7 minutes of angle so I suspect that nobody's going to shoot them all in the middle there and then when we go up to 300 we're on the classic B for electronic targets and we're limited to what's already programmed into the boxes what's gone on up to now is British inspired this one is Swiss inspired so what you're going to shoot is three individually scored shots that will be schooled back to you on the on the TV screen one by one then you're going to shoot a string of three shots in 30 seconds starting loaded and that will be signaled to you at the end of the three shots and then finally we're going to do six rounds in one minute and to balance this for people who have an internal five round magazine and can't necessarily top off for instance Mannlicher ninety five straight pulls and you can't load them five plus one because it's swiss inspired and the box is programmed for 6 rounds to balance it all out what we're going to do is we're going to start with one round loaded and then you shoot that and then reload we're that stripper clip again we have to balance it out I mean we could just say well there's the Swiss rifles and the British rifles have an advantage because it's obvious the real answer to the very important question of who needs more than five rounds anyway is someone who wants to shoot six rounds or more in quick succession and this is the case here then you'll get them signaled back to you now you can either shoot bare no no sling you can use the sling or you can use a sandbag rest because we want to try and ensure that people actually keep all their shots on the target so that's it that's the course of fire we're going to try this now shooting it in order because there's not time to go down to the buts and back up again what we'll do in the competition is that whoever's running the Bucks will will take photos of all the shots of the scoring series at 100 and at 200 so that so that the competitors can use that to to to adjust their sights to make it or adjust the point of point of aim or whatever you're not shooting through the course of five blind until you get to 300 so there you go let's get on with that so first of all I get to sighting shots at 100 individually scored back by waving disks now I'm not using the battle site because I want to use it as a datum for 200 rather than just relying on the markings and also the smaller aperture although you can shoot as well with the big one it gives you confidence it makes life easier for you sort of as part of the psychological game so the lowest setting on this actually the lowest markings 200 but you go three clicks down is 100 that's going to be close enough for government work so let's go so four high left also for high-level so that was two fours high left so I'm gonna have to aim a little bit right and down some so now 10 rounds wrap it with a compulsory reload thirty so there we go hopefully we will get a photograph from the bots showing where that goes where that went so there's 100 my two sizes went in here so I aimed about there and the shot went in a nice sort of five inch group there now it had had been centered that would have been really nice that would have been that would have been 50 points winter as it stands we are two three four five six seven eight points off of fifty so 42 points okay so that was a bit annoying because the the sizes were deceptive I ended up perfectly for them and the group went exactly where I aimed so I've got my sights set three clicks high for two hundred and now we're going to do the same again no site is place and I'll use this link if I can well that target is kind of small of that distance to aim in the middle of them well we shall have a look at the at the result so now in 200 meters I think I'm fairly happy with this we've got 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 in the 4 and 1 in the 3 there so we are 2 3 4 5 6 7 off which is 43 points and the group's pretty centered I'm pretty happy with that yeah I think 200 went pretty well now up to 300 now starting with three individual shots and between the b4 target we're doing my usual trick of setting your sights so that I can aim at the bottom just underneath the bottom of the of the figure so my sights here are set to one click below 400 yards and we'll see what happens on the target now just a reminder k31 rear sights are set that for this hold at 300 150 100 are what's called flexo point of voting point of the track 300 meters is set to be 30 centimeters high and so what I'm reproducing on my rear sight there so off a bag yeah well I'm not gonna just on that basis so next up is a string of three shots in 30 seconds we have a full low right just off the ball high left and the last one yeah that's but I'm pretty confident of this site setting to be honest so the last one to compensate for those who have inadequate magazines six rounds one minute with a compulsory reload at least five rounds so Oh bad bad well that's unfortunate I guess that I I must have shifted my alignment or someone vital something all right started pushing my shoulder into it anyway it would have been a nice group of it have been in the middle but uh yeah total of 37 points about this distance so I think that was an interesting course of fire certainly a nice nice mixture shame that my last series on 300 it was pushed down a level probably me getting tense and pushing into it or something but it happens let's hope I can do better on the 2nd of November now if you want to come on the 2nd of November we've set up an email address for this event the the address is on the screen and in the description below and there'll also be links to an English and a German version of a document with the the what where when why how the course of fire where it's taking place and so on it's going to cost 20 francs an entry if there's enough arrange space you will to make multiple entries but each entry must be with a different rifle because otherwise it would be like practicing something depending on the number of people there like that either see if we get the catering open or we'll just have a grill so there'll be something to eat at lunchtime probably starting around 9:00 a.m. and depending on the number of people it'll either finish at lunchtime or it'll go on to the late afternoon well we shall have to see now for those who survive this far we're going to fit just quickly go into it more detail of what rifles and ammunition you can and can't use here maximum caliber is 8 millimetre effectively 8 B 50 R 8 / 56 our hand loads yes fine must be either an FMJ or a matched match tip like like sierra matchking can be open tip like a match king but what's not allowed here is hunting bullets soft points of any kind hollow points proper hollow points so not not the match ones but but proper hunting hollow points hunting ballistic tips are no monoliths or no steel core is a big no that is illegal in Switzerland really just don't I'm a piercing no tracer no basically FMJ or sierra matchking type we would rather people stayed in the spirit of the original and shot factory ammunition but we're we're not going to make a fuss about this I mean I show ass SMB 180 grain you want to bring hand loads yeah not yourself out all this important is that we have fun we revisit all-star shooting and have a nice day of it so if you're interested send us an email with with your details and we'll see you there bye you

20 Replies to “BotR Bolt Action Challenge: Thun, 2 November 2019”

  1. Cool idea….wonder if the blue passports will be available in time??
    Be a nice trip out for my Finn M28….

  2. If you pay for my trip i will shoot with what ever rifle you give me and whatever mix of ammo you put in it on the day. Thats the only way it could be a fair test.

  3. BTW. Do you have a video on bullseye vs 6 o clock vs line of white (sub 6) vs flat tire.

    . It seems counter intuitive but apparently most good competiton shooters use line of white

    . Since I’m mostly shooting white steel targets on dirt background I’m more of a flat tire hold.

  4. I remmeber when I took my k31 and zeroed it at 100. Then checked at 200 bang on. Then at 300 I was sailing them high. Then I learned why (was holding bullseye). At first I was like “wtf why did they do it this way”. But now it makes perfect sense and All rifles should be done that way.

  5. Count me in. Reading the rules destroyed my hopes of attending with my M1 Garand, and the sheer thought of using chargers with a Mosin Nagant drives me to the good old boring K31. I will ask around if I can find any other open sight enthusiasts.

  6. I have a 1941 K98K and a 1943 Lithgow SMLE that it would be fun to do that with. I also have an M1 from the late 1950's that would be fun with. I would love to come but bringing that from the USA to Switzerland would probably be an issue and finances are an issue as well.

  7. Any thoughts of making this a remote satellite / virtual competition worldwide? With all your subscribers, it could certainly become a really interesting event.

  8. Good luck, Bloke! I won't be travelling to Switzerland to attend but I hope you have an excellent turn out. I'm sure I could arrange to get my M1917 shipped over there from the USA but doubt I would get it back.

  9. I do not know whether it is a worthwile suggestion, but I have reasonable views through a 60x observation scope paired with a smarthphone with a 8x zoom at 50m for an ISSF 22lr target, my club not having electronic targets. Assuming availabilty of enough of these combos, you may no need the staff at the 100m range.

  10. Looks like a great time to be had . I'm sure going to be jealous of all the people that can go. Living on the west coast of America makes it just a little bit hard for me to drive to your shoot.Everybody have fun and be safe.

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