Bow Hunting Elk with recurve Self bow – Clay Hayes on Public Land

Bow Hunting Elk with recurve Self bow – Clay Hayes on Public Land

43 Replies to “Bow Hunting Elk with recurve Self bow – Clay Hayes on Public Land”

  1. if you ever want to take down a Sasquatch of your own just let me know I'll guide you to the swamp where the Sasquatch we named Harry Palms lives we should go after him first

  2. an exciting hunt it reminds me of when me and Fred Bear went on our first Sasquatch hunt we shot the female through the tits and the Arrow pass through the male bore squatches back… it was a solid double kill

  3. What a movie. Amazing. That first shot you send off at an elk in this video was a masterpiece. Perfect…
    The ballistic curve was beautiful to watch and that impact was perfectly visible. Favorite archery channel on YouTube by far… following since the beginning!

  4. wanted to say thank you, it's a good read. i just noticed a clip on this vid of you burning feathers, and i noticed you use pitch glue on your points too. i figure if the first nations been doin it forever it must be a good idea, plus i like the ability to salvage a point if i break a shaft on something too hard.

  5. Duuude, your videos are so well made! Keep up the good work, you deserve more abos! Greetings from Germany 🙂

  6. Awesome trailer …..Im up on my property watching  Elk and  Prawn horn cruising threw my neck of the woods right now ….pretty cool !!

  7. you tease – amazing – definately appreciate the effort you put to taking us along clay – thanks from a brit.

  8. Fantastic work. As always, your hunting videos do a remarkable job of capturing the essence of all that is important in the hunt. They are a close second to actually being there. My hat is off to you.

  9. FNA!
    Can't believe it's that time of year already.
    Truck looks tough as hell by the way. Panty dropper

  10. My best 3 minutes spent on YouTube in quite a while. This is just awesome editing. Really looking forward to the series.

  11. GREAT! I got close to an awesome bull here in CO….check this out Clay

  12. that was some mighty fine videography. welcome back Clay, i think my book is scheduled to be delivered today. i got the plywood yesterday to build that bending caul, your' design. cutting fletches as i comment atm.

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